Celestial Radiance

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Celestial Radiance

Quest giver
North Shroud (X:29.5, Y:19.6)
Quest line
Zodiac Weapons Quests
Required items
3 Superior enchanted ink icon1.png  Superior Enchanted Ink
Experience 0
Gil 939
Previous quest
Trials of the Braves
Next quest
Star Light, Star Bright
One Man's Trash (Quest)

Jalzahn has the look of a hungry wolf as he eyes your relic weapon.

— In-game description


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  • Jalzahn has the look of a hungry wolf as he eyes your relic weapon.
  • Jalzahn believes that your relic weapon animus may yet grow stronger through the power of materia. Explaining that conventional melding will not work due to the preclusive presence of soul energy, the alchemist bids you consult the experts on the matter. Make your way to the Bonfire in central Thanalan, and speak with the goblin Mutamix.
  • Mutamix introduces you to his new disciple, Hubairtin, who he says is attempting to extract the power of materia. Speak with the man and learn of his research.
  • Hubairtin seeks to overcome the limits of advanced materia melding by converting the power of materia into a form of light energy. Recognizing the benefits of collaboration, the excitable young arcanist bids you procure three bottles of superior enchanted ink. The ink can be had from none other than your favorite merchant, Rowena, at Revenant's Toll.
  • Rowena has plenty of superior enchanted ink in stock, and offers to sell you bottles of it in exchange for Allagan tomestones. Acquire three such bottles, and present them to Hubairtin at the Bonfire.
  • You have shown the bottles of superior enchanted ink to Hubairtin, who explains its role in the creation of sphere scrolls, the medium for storing materia-derived light energy. Furnish Hubairtin with the ink, and he will prepare for you a sphere scroll suitable for enhancing your relic.


Radiance is the quality of being vividly bright and shining.