Little Solace

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Little Solace

Nine Ivies

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Little Solace

Little is the solace granted to those sylphs who would voice their opposition to the summoning of the Lord of Levin. Little is the solace bequeathed upon those who would abandon their homes in the Sylphlands and shun their frenzied brethren. Thus, it is only through fraternity that those sylphs may ultimately find solace, however little it may be.

— In-game description

Little Solace is a settlement in Nine Ivies.

Additional Information

A small Sylph encampment on the north-east end of Nine Ivies, it is the location of the Sylph Daily Quests.

Little Solace is the new home of the sylphs who fled the Sylphlands in fear after a faction of their race summoned the primal Ramuh and became Tempered. Thanks to Kan-E-Senna, the sylphs have built a new home in the Nine Ivies, but they still plan to return to the Sylphlands someday.