3rd Cohort Laquearius

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3rd Cohort Laquearius

3rd Cohort Laquearius is an Enemy Humanoid found in East Shroud.


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Garlean fiber icon1.png  Garlean Fiber Crafting material ABasic 1
Garlean rubber icon1.png  Garlean Rubber Crafting material ABasic 1
Legionary visor icon1.png  Legionary Visor Head ABasic 1


Zone Coordinates Level range
East Shroud Unknown 22
East Shroud (X:29, Y:21) 42
South Shroud Unknown 22
Northern Thanalan (X:18, Y:15) 49
Coerthas Central Highlands Unknown 39


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Presence of the Enemy Main Scenario quest 21 Komuxio
Sylphish Concerns Main Scenario quest 23 Buscarron
Setting the Stage Main Scenario quest 49 Edelstein
Doubt Truth to Be a Liar Sidequest 44 Cailean

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Additional Information


The laquearius was a class of Roman gladiator that fought with a lasso or noose in one hand and a poniard or sword in the other.