The Bramble Patch

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The Bramble Patch

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East Shroud
(The Black Shroud)
The Hawthorne Hut (X:17.8, Y:27.3)

By reputation, the mighty thorns of the Bramble Patch are a playground to the moogles. Indeed, they seem to enjoy provoking the local beastkin and treants and watching the chaos that ensues as the creatures attempt in vain to pursue the mischief-makers into the Patch's prickly depths.

— In-game description

The Bramble Patch is an area in East Shroud.


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Sanctum of the Twelve

This skyscraping ivory cathedral was built following the Age of Endless Frost - a dark period in which the realm was overrun with famine and disease - to serve as a place of refuge and respite for all who sought succor. Soon after, however, it fell into ruin and was all but forgotten - until the advent of the Seventh Umbra! Era saw need for its rise once again.