Merchant and Mender (The Hawthorne Hut)

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Merchant & Mender

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Merchant & Mender
Female ♀
Hyur (Midlander)
East Shroud (17.2,27.4)

Locations and Quests

Location Coordinate Started Quests Involved in Quests
East Shroud (x17.2,y27.4)

Items For Sale

Purchase Weapons

Item Icon Price
Iron Lance Iron lance icon1.png 1,296
Iron Spear Iron spear icon1.png 938
Elm Longbow Elm longbow icon1.png 1,003
Ash Shortbow Ash shortbow icon1.png 708
Budding Ash Wand Budding ash wand icon1.png 904
Ash Wand Ash wand icon1.png 560
Elm Crook Elm crook icon1.png 1,116
Elm Cane Elm cane icon1.png 882
Square Ash Shield Square ash shield icon1.png 683

Purchase Tools

Item Icon Price
Initiate's Saw Initiates saw icon1.png 815
Chocobotail Saw Chocobotail saw icon1.png 638
Iron Claw Hammer Iron claw hammer icon1.png 684
Initiate's Head Knife Initiates head knife icon1.png 765
Brass Head Knife Brass head knife icon1.png 500
Iron Awl Iron awl icon1.png 599
Initiate's Hatchet Initiates hatchet icon1.png 765
Iron Hatchet Iron hatchet icon1.png 552
Iron Scythe Iron scythe icon1.png 684

Purchase Battle Gear

Item Icon Price
Cotton Coif Cotton coif icon1.png 524
Goatskin Pot Helm Goatskin pot helm icon1.png 607
Decorated Bronze Barbut Decorated bronze barbut icon1.png 672
Ash Mask Ash mask icon1.png 308
Hunting Hat Hunting hat icon1.png 513
Bronze Celata Bronze celata icon1.png 661
Cotton Dalmatica Cotton dalmatica icon1.png 602
Cotton Acton Cotton acton icon1.png 752
Cotton Tabard Cotton tabard icon1.png 508
Cotton Cowl Cotton cowl icon1.png 663
Bronze Cuirass Bronze cuirass icon1.png 819
Iron Vambraces Iron vambraces icon1.png 698
Decorated Bronze Mitt Gauntlets Decorated bronze mitt gauntlets icon1.png 598
Goatskin Mitts Goatskin mitts icon1.png 498
Hard Leather Ringbands Hard leather ringbands icon1.png 365
Bronze Gauntlets Bronze gauntlets icon1.png 588
Fingerless Hard Leather Gloves Fingerless hard leather gloves icon1.png 420
Voyager's Belt Voyagers belt icon1.png 450
Iron Plate Belt Iron plate belt icon1.png 630
Hard Leather Belt Hard leather belt icon1.png 356
Rope Belt Rope belt icon1.png 260
Bronze Plate Belt Bronze plate belt icon1.png 420
Cotton Breeches Cotton breeches icon1.png 499
Cotton Trousers Cotton trousers icon1.png 534
Padded Hempen Trousers Padded hempen trousers icon1.png 450
Cotton Tights Cotton tights icon1.png 315
Padded Leather Duckbills Padded leather duckbills icon1.png 532
Goatskin Leggings Goatskin leggings icon1.png 569
Bronze Sabatons Bronze sabatons icon1.png 672
Hard Leather Boots Hard leather boots icon1.png 480
Hard Leather Crakows Hard leather crakows icon1.png 384

Purchase Field Gear

Item Icon Price
Initiate's Headgear Initiates headgear icon1.png 708
Cotton Coif of Gathering Cotton coif of gathering icon1.png 524
Cotton Scarf Cotton scarf icon1.png 283
Hard Leather Skullcap Hard leather skullcap icon1.png 378
Cotton Dalmatica of Gathering Cotton dalmatica of gathering icon1.png 602
Cotton Kurta Cotton kurta icon1.png 602
Cotton Shepherd's Tunic Cotton shepherds tunic icon1.png 468
Cotton Work Gloves Cotton work gloves icon1.png 630
Initiate's Gloves Initiates gloves icon1.png 630
Goatskin Wristguards Goatskin wristguards icon1.png 365
Cotton Halfgloves Cotton halfgloves icon1.png 336
Goatskin Tool Belt Goatskin tool belt icon1.png 386
Hard Leather Shepherd's Belt Hard leather shepherds belt icon1.png 356
Initiate's Slops Initiates slops icon1.png 540
Cotton Breeches of Crafting Cotton breeches of crafting icon1.png 499
Cotton Shepherd's Slops Cotton shepherds slops icon1.png 360
Cotton Chausses Cotton chausses icon1.png 315
Initiate's Thighboots Initiates thighboots icon1.png 720
Padded Leather Duckbills of Gathering Padded leather duckbills of gathering icon1.png 532
Hard Leather Espadrilles Hard leather espadrilles icon1.png 384
Ash Pattens Ash pattens icon1.png 432

Purchase Items

Item Icon Price
Potion Potion icon1.png 28
Ether Ether icon1.png 60
Antidote Antidote icon1.png 39
Eye Drops Eye drops icon1.png 19
Grade 1 Dark Matter Grade 1 dark matter icon1.png 4
Grade 2 Dark Matter Grade 2 dark matter icon1.png 12
Bass Ball Bass ball icon1.png 6
Butterworm Butterworm icon1.png 5
Midge Basket Midge basket icon1.png 4


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