3rd Cohort Secutor

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3rd Cohort Secutor

3rd Cohort Secutor is a Spoken found in East Shroud.


Name Type Rarity Quantity Creature level
Garlean fiber icon1.png  Garlean Fiber Crafting material ABasic 47-49 39-49
Garlean rubber icon1.png  Garlean Rubber Crafting material ABasic 47-49 39-49
Legionary visor icon1.png  Legionary Visor Head ABasic 47-49 39-49


Zone Coordinates Level range
East Shroud (X:27, Y:21) 39
East Shroud (X:32, Y:20) 44
Coerthas Central Highlands Unknown 42
Northern Thanalan (X:18, Y:15) 47–49


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Doubt Truth to Be a Liar Sidequest 44 Cailean

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Additional Information


A secutor was a class of gladiator in ancient Rome. Thought to have originated around 50 AD, the secutor ("follower" or "chaser", from sequor "I follow, come or go after") was protected by a heavy shield and usually carried a short sword, a gladius, or a dagger.