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East Shroud
(The Black Shroud)
The Hawthorne Hut (X:17.8, Y:27.3)

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The domain of the beastmen of the Black Shroud, the Sylphlands are filled with the "touched" followers of Ramuh. Hostile to outsiders, these thralls of the wizened primal have fostered poisonous mushrooms to protect the region, driving the environment to the precipice of cataclysm.

— In-game description

Sylphlands is an area in East Shroud.


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The Seedbed

Illuminated in the soft glow of countless moonspores, the Seedbed is an ancient arbor-turned-nursery used by the sylphs to grow and incubate their offspring, also known as podlings.

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Hanging Barbs

One can find the curious dwellings of the sylphs precariously suspended from tree limbs in the Hanging Barbs.

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Moonspore Grove

In this swathe of the Sylphlands grow moonspores, gargantuan fungi that purge foul elements from the air.

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Goldleaf Dais

Sylphkind fashioned the Goldleaf Dais, that they might hold gatherings and celebrations.