3rd Cohort Hoplomachus

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3rd Cohort Hoplomachus
3rd Cohort Hoplomachus.jpg
Type Enemy Humanoid
Level 42-49
Location East Shroud, Northern Thanalan
Aggression Aggressive
3rd Cohort Hoplomachus is a level 46-49 Enemy Humanoid found in East Shroud, Northern Thanalan.


Zone Coordinates Level
East Shroud (x28,y20) (x32,y20 42-44
Northern Thanalan (x??,y??) 49

Item Drops

Item Icon Type
Garlean Fiber Garlean fiber icon1.png Cloth
Garlean Rubber Garlean rubber icon1.png Reagent
Legionary Visor Legionary visor icon1.png Head

Hunting Log


Quest Quest Type Level
Setting the Stage Main Scenario Quest 49


A Wrench in the Works

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