Sightseeing Log 30: Camp Bronze Lake

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Camp Bronze Lake

ARR sightseeing log 30.png
Log Entry
A Realm Reborn: #30
Upper La Noscea (X:30.8, Y:22.4)
Lookout.png  Lookout
Fair Skies.png Fair Skies or
Clear Skies.png Clear Skies
Eorzea Time
5PM - 6PM
Speak to Millith Ironheart in Old Gridania (X:10.7, Y:6.0) after completing ARR entries 1-20.

Overheard at a tavern: "Nothing like feeling the cool breeze on your skin after a hot bath. The view's nothin' to sneeze at, either..."

— Sightseeing Log Impressions

The formation of great underwater fissures during the Calamity saw nearly half of the water comprising Bronze Lake vanish in the span of a single night. The result was the uncovering of ancient Nymian ruins submerged for thousands of of years—most notably, the Wanderer's Palace, a temple dedicated to the god Oschon.

— Sightseeing Log Vista Record

Camp Bronze Lake is part of the Sightseeing Log for A Realm Reborn.


Go to the side of the house and jump up on the barrels between the two awnings (jump at the barrels head on, not from the side). Jump up onto the right awning and then onto the rocky ledge. Walk along the edge and jump onto the small part of the roof that juts out. The vista is on the highest point at the front of the house. Alternatively, use a flying mount.

View from the correct location and weather