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Disambig icon.png This article is about the class of NPC. For the related questline, see Delivery Moogle Quests.

Delivery Moogle


Mail Deliverer

Delivery Moogles are Moogle NPCs which can be commonly found in settlements across Eorzea and beyond. They provide mail services, allowing the player to receive and send mail from friends as well as obtain rewards from the Mog Station, purchases from the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store, and other promotional items.

Delivery Moogles can only carry a maximum of 100 friend letters, 20 Mogstation/reward letters, and 10 GM messages at a time. If the mailbox reaches the limit, new rewards can be obtained by clearing out old messages of the same type and using the Reward/Purchase Delivery Request button. Players can also choose to simply wait after clearing room in their mailbox for new letters.


NOTE: There are slight Heavensward and Shadowbringers spoilers for Moogle apperances in this Appearance section below. Read past the Heavensward and Shadowbringers headers below at your own risk!

Moogles are small, rectangularly rotund, furry little bipedal flying cat-eared creatures with white fur, tiny light-grey 2-digited bat wings growing out of their backs, and a single large, glowing, light-up pom growing out of the top of their head on a string-like appendage. The color of the pom varies depending on the population that each individual moogle comes from. The pom lights up depending on the moogle's mood. Their heads are slightly larger than their bodies. Their pink arms/paws, legs/feet, and light-grey wings are tiny in proportion to their ponderous round bodies. Moogles have two slanted & squinted eyes and a pointy, slightly raised pink button nose on their face. Their mouth is not visible. Moogles do not seem to have tails.

Delivery Moogles are Moogles that wear a postmoogle hat and carry a large red sack full of mail on their right shoulder.

The Delivery Moogles float and bob up and down in the air during their idle animation. Occasionally, they drop lower than usual from the weight of their red mail sack and show some strain as they struggle to float back up again.

The Delivery Moogles spin & float in the air, wave their tiny limbs, and make cute quibbling noises as they talk to the player.

Location-based Moogle Appearances

Moogles seen in the Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, Ul'dah, and around the Black Shroud tend to have orange poms.

Heavensward Moogle Appearance spoilers

Moogles from The Churning Mists tend to have pink poms and differently-tinted light fur.

Shadowbringers Moogle Appearance spoilers

Moogles on The First have bright blue poms.


The use of moogles to deliver mail came into use after The Calamity, after the destruction of the aetheryte and linkpearl systems. With no ready way to contact across long distances (aside from screaming very loudly, according to the delivery moogles), the Padjal asked some of the moogles of Black Shroud to aid by carrying messages. Although at first wary of dealing with outsiders, due to fears of being caught and skinned, the delivery moogles grew to enjoy how much appreciation they received for their help.


Talking to a Delivery moogle for the first time:

Delivery Moogle: Greetings, tall one![1] I'm a delivery moogle, kupo!

Delivery Moogle: Oh, I know what you're thinking. “Moogles are supposed to hide in trees and avoid contact with outsiders! Why ever would they agree to carry about letters?”

Delivery Moogle: "Why" indeed! If I had my way, I'd be curled up under the canopy of a nice oak dreaming about some beautiful mooglette with a rainbow-colored pom-pom, kupo!

Delivery Moogle: But no, the moon had to go and drop from the sky, causing all of that terrible commotion! Aetherytes were shattered and linkpearls rendered useless. For moons, the poor, wingless people of Eorzea had no way of communicating with each other...beyond screaming at the top of their lungs, which no one really approved of, kupo.

Delivery Moogle: That is, until the little horned ones asked us to assist them by delivering messages. At first we were wary of showing ourselves, worried that one of you might catch and skin us, like you do every other forest furry. But once we saw how much we were appreciated, we knew we'd found our new calling!

Delivery Moogle: And I personally promise to try and not read any along the way, kupo!

[1]The Delivery Moogle addresses you as "tall one", even if you are a minimum-height Lalafell.

When you have new letters:

Delivery Moogle: Look what we have here! ## new letters have arrived just for you, kupo!

  • "##" denotes the number of new letters you have, from 1-20.

When you have 1 new letter:

Delivery Moogle: Look what we have here! A new letter has arrived just for you, kupo!

When your mailbox is full:

Delivery Moogle: Your mailbox is a complete and utter mess! There wasn't any room left, so I had to send back ## letters, kupo!

This is an example. ## is written in alphabetical letters, not numerical symbols. For example, "two letters, kupo!"

When you have no new letters:

Delivery Moogle: No new letters for you today, kupo!