Black Brush

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Black Brush

Sitting at the intersection of the Royal Allagan Sunway and southbound Royal Allagan Starway, Black Brush serves as both the final stop fur those bound for Ul'dah, as well as place for final farewells to those travellers and merchants leaving the city.

— In-game description

Black Brush is a area in Central Thanalan.


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Sil'dih Excavation Site

The city-states of Ul'dah and Sil'dih coexisted for generations until four hundred years ago when bad blood festering betwixt the two sultanates culminated in the War of the Sisters-leaving Sil'dih a smoldering pile of rubble to be claimed by the shifting desert sands. The subsequent relocation of Ul'dah placed the city-state nearly directly above her fallen sibling.

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The Rat's Nest

A small camp often frequented by unsavory characters of Qiqirn origin, the Rat's Nest is also believed to be a hideout of the wanted cutpurse Kokoroon Quickfingers.

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The Coffer & Coffin

A favorite haunt for the area's many miners, the Coffer & Coffin has ale to wet the throats and stew to fill the bellies of any and all who have the wherewithal to pay for the tavern's simple luxuries. Its name comes from a popular song where an upbeat fellow promises to fill his coffers with coin from the betting table-or, should he lose it all, enter the city dragging his own coffin behind him.

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Nanawa Mines

Under Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern, Nanawa Mines briefly faced closure when its supplies of quality silver were thought to have been exhausted. With the recent perfection of refining techniques that allow for the extraction of metal from even the lowest quality of ore, however, the mine has once again been opened for excavation.

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The Bonfire

A goblin scholar named Mutamix and a patchwork band of adventurers devoted to his teachings reside in the light of the Bonfire, where they earnestly study the mysteries of materia-a type of crystal which can be melded to items to enhance their properties. Here, the men and women labor to spread knowledge of materia's miraculous qualities, and are willing to impart their knowledge to any willing to lend their ears.

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Lost Hope

As the name implies, none but those who have lost all hope dare enter this forsaken place. The dark, humid caves provide the perfect level of concealment for growing dream flowers-outlawed flora whose milk is used to create the highly addictive soporific known as "somnus."

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Cutter's Cry

Cutter's Cry is a cavern in which woodcutters traveling between Mor Dhona and Ul'dah would sometimes take refuge when caught in Thanalan's rare, yet deadly thunderstorms. There are dark rumors, however, that many who entered the grot's gaping maw were never to return-their screams warning others to give wide berth to the accursed place. In its depths dwells a fearsome chimera-or if the Darklight Raiders, a band of infamous mercenaries, are to be believed, dwelled."