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Can Use While
standing, fishing

Assume a sitting position.

— In-game description

Sit is an Emote.


Patch 2.2

When using the Change Pose emote while standing, your character will cycle between the default idle stance and two additional poses. While sitting, your character will cycle between the default idle stance and one additional pose.[1]

Patch 2.28

  • New poses have been added.[2]
    • Standing poses have been increased from two to four.
    • Chair sitting poses have been increased from one to two.
    • A new floor sitting pose has been added.
  • Your most recently selected pose will now be saved.
  • Characters will now use the last pose selected using the /changepose emote when standing in place or sitting. Characters will revert back to the selected pose even after another emote is used.
    • The delay before the selected pose is active can be adjusted on the Character tab under Control Settings in the Character Configuration interface.
  • Random pose cycling has been added.
  • Characters standing idle for extended periods of time can now cycle through pose animations at random. The delay before the initial pose can be set via the Character Configuration interface. Subsequently, poses will cycle every 10 to 30 seconds.
    • Characters will not cycle through pose animations when sitting.
  • Use of the /changepose command will not be displayed in the log window.

Patch 3.1

[2.0] Two new poses, accessed via the /changepose command, are now available when sitting on the floor.[3]

Patch 6.3

2.x New poses have been added for the Sit emote.[4]

  • Players can change their sitting posture by performing the Change Pose.png  Change Pose (/changepose) emote.