Striking Dummy

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Striking Dummies are targets used to practice combat abilities in relative safety. There are several varieties and levels of dummy both in the overworld and available as housing furniture.
You can reset enmity against a striking dummy by right-clicking its target bar at the top of the screen.

Overworld Locations

A Realm Reborn





Housing Furniture

Item Icon Vendor Location Cost Level
Riviera Striking Dummy Riviera striking dummy icon1.png Hunt Billmaster (Maelstrom) Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (13.2, 12.5) Allied Seal 180 50
Glade Striking Dummy Glade striking dummy icon1.png Hunt Billmaster (Twin Adder) New Gridania (9.7, 11.2) Allied Seal 180 50
Oasis Striking Dummy Oasis striking dummy icon1.png Hunt Billmaster (Immortal Flames) Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (8.1, 9.3) Allied Seal 180 50
Alps Striking Dummy Alps striking dummy icon1.png Crafted Level 50★★★ Carpenter 50
Oriental Striking Dummy Oriental striking dummy icon1.png Crafted Level 50★★★ Carpenter 50
Old World Striking Dummy Old world striking dummy icon1.png Ardolain Foundation (13.1, 11.9) Centurio Seal 300 60
Faust Striking Dummy Faust striking dummy icon1.png Crafted Level 60★★★ Armorer
(Master armorer iv icon1.png  Master Armorer IV)
White Crafters' Scrip 100[1] 60
Gyr Abanian Striking Dummy Gyr abanian striking dummy icon1.png Eschina Rhalgr's Reach (13.8, 11.8) Veterans clan mark log icon1.png 5[2] 70
Crystarium Striking Dummy Crystarium striking dummy icon1.png Ilfroy
Eulmore (11, 10.8)
The Crystarium (9.4, 9.5)
Sack of Nuts 300 80
Thavnairian Striking Dummy Thavnairian striking dummy icon1.png J'lakshai
Old Sharlayan (11.8, 13.2)
Radz-at-Han (10.5, 7.4)
Sack of Nuts 300 90

[1]This is the cost of Master armorer iv icon1.png  Master Armorer IV, which is required to craft the item.
[2]This is equivalent to Centurio Seal 2,500 Centurio Seals.

Explorer Mode

Most dungeons support Explorer Mode, which allows you to freely explore a dungeon as it appears in its completed state, without any enemies. While in Explorer Mode, you can place a target dummy anywhere you like, as well as try out your Limit break icon1.png  Limit Breaks.