Merchant and Mender (Horizon)

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Merchant and Mender

Merchant and Mender Western Thanalan Horizon.PNG

Female ♀
Lalafell (Dunesfolk)
Western Thanalan (22.3,16.1)

— In-game description

Merchant and Mender is a Lalafell found in Western Thanalan.

Items for Sale

Purchase Weapons

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Ash macuahuitl icon1.png   Ash Macuahuitl Gladiator's Arm ABasic 10
Gil 316
Bronze spatha icon1.png   Bronze Spatha Gladiator's Arm ABasic 13
Gil 416
Brass bastard sword icon1.png   Brass Bastard Sword Gladiator's Arm ABasic 15
Gil 504
Ramhorn claws icon1.png   Ramhorn Claws Pugilist's Arm ABasic 10
Gil 446
Bronze knuckles icon1.png   Bronze Knuckles Pugilist's Arm ABasic 12
Gil 555
Hard leather himantes icon1.png   Hard Leather Himantes Pugilist's Arm ABasic 14
Gil 598
Bronze scepter icon1.png   Bronze Scepter One-handed Thaumaturge's Arm ABasic 12
Gil 421
Brass cudgel icon1.png   Brass Cudgel One-handed Thaumaturge's Arm ABasic 15
Gil 564
Decorated bone staff icon1.png   Decorated Bone Staff Two-handed Thaumaturge's Arm ABasic 12
Gil 582
Leather targe icon1.png   Leather Targe Shield ABasic 12
Gil 403
Bronze scutum icon1.png   Bronze Scutum Shield ABasic 13
Gil 744
Bronze buckler icon1.png   Bronze Buckler Shield ABasic 14
Gil 598

Purchase Tools

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Amateurs chaser hammer icon1.png   Amateur's Chaser Hammer Lapidary Hammer ABasic 11
Gil 376
Bronze ornamental hammer icon1.png   Bronze Ornamental Hammer Lapidary Hammer ABasic 14
Gil 511
Ragstone grinding wheel icon1.png   Ragstone Grinding Wheel Grinding Wheel ABasic 11
Gil 336
Amateurs needle icon1.png   Amateur's Needle Needle ABasic 12
Gil 295
Bat fang needle icon1.png   Bat Fang Needle Needle ABasic 16
Gil 430
Amateurs alembic icon1.png   Amateur's Alembic Alembic ABasic 12
Gil 385
Brass alembic icon1.png   Brass Alembic Alembic ABasic 15
Gil 516
Bronze mortar icon1.png   Bronze Mortar Mortar ABasic 11
Gil 328
Amateurs pickaxe icon1.png   Amateur's Pickaxe Pickaxe ABasic 11
Gil 376
Plumed bronze pickaxe icon1.png   Plumed Bronze Pickaxe Pickaxe ABasic 14
Gil 511
Bronze sledgehammer icon1.png   Bronze Sledgehammer Sledgehammer ABasic 10
Gil 296

Purchase Items

Item Type Cost
Potion icon1.png   Potion Medicine Gil 28
Ether icon1.png   Ether Medicine Gil 60
Antidote icon1.png   Antidote Medicine Gil 39
Eye drops icon1.png   Eye Drops Medicine Gil 19
Grade 1 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 1 Dark Matter Other Gil 4
Grade 2 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 2 Dark Matter Other Gil 12
Bloodworm icon1.png   Bloodworm Other Gil 3
Saltwater boilie icon1.png   Saltwater Boilie Other Gil 15
Midge basket icon1.png   Midge Basket Other Gil 4
Freshwater boilie icon1.png   Freshwater Boilie Other Gil 15