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Bloodshore's name stems from a macabre tale. Around fifty years ago, the enmity between the League of Lost Bastards and the followers of Rycharde Mistbeard came to a head off the coast of eastern La Noscea. When the smoke cleared, four galleys had sunk, and hundreds of corpses had been swept away with the tide, the water and sand stained red with their blood.

— In-game description

Bloodshore is a area in Eastern La Noscea.


Landmark (map icon).png
Gullperch Tower

One of the three beacons built along the La Noscean coast in the Sixth Astral Era, Gullperch Tower is the easternmost—warning ships navigating the Strait of Merlthor of its deadly shallows, while also serving as a watchtower for pirate and Sahagin raids on Bloodshore.

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Isle of Endless Summer

Used for events through the year such as The Rising.

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The Garlok's Lair

Intrigued by the "monster" known as the Garlok that was said to live in this dark cavern, Master Gegeruju sent a band of sellswords into the depths to find it. Not only are they rumoured to have stumbled upon the legendary fear babe...but also stumbled "into" it, stirring the Garlok from its ages-long slumber.

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Hidden Falls & Docks

Sheltered on three sides by towering cliffs, Hidden Falls can be found several score yalms upstream from where the Agelyss River empties into the Strait of Merlthor. Taken by its beauty, Ul'dahn plutocrat Gegeruju was quick to purchase the land and construct a stage upon which private performances for the magnate's favoured clients are held.