The Long Climb

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The Long Climb

The Long Climb is an area with hills that rise dramatically upward, and is so named for the time required to ascend them. As the area's earth aspect was greatly weakened by the Calamity, sections of the ground now hover in the air, creating a truly fantastical sight.

— In-game description

The Long Climb is an area in Outer La Noscea.


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The Hermit's Hovel

While few have ever seen the lord of this humble hideaway which rests precariously on the edge of an unscalable precipice—let alone obtained his permission for entering the premises—that has not stopped travelers from taking full advantage of the respite the Hermit's Hovel offers, whether it be a dip in the steaming pools, or a few bells' slumber on the soft goosefeather bed.

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The Floating City of Nym

Suspended high above the foothills of Mt. O'Ghomoro is the Floating City of Nym—central hub of a lost civilization which prospered on Vylbrand during the Fifth Astral Era. The accepted theory as to how the city was torn from the realm involves the over-aspecting of corrupted wind crystals combined with the de-aspecting of earth crystals—a phenomenon witnessed late in the Sixth Astral Era.