Moraby Drydocks

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Moraby Drydocks

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Lower La Noscea
(La Noscea)
Connects to
Wolves' Den Pier (ferry)
Moraby Drydocks (X:24.5, Y:35)

The Moraby Drydocks - main offices of Naldiq & Vymelli's - are presently bustling with shipwrights working to finish the Victory, the first large-scale vessel to be constructed after the Calamity.

— In-game description

Moraby Drydocks is an area in Lower La Noscea.

Moraby Drydocks is a settlement within the Gods' Grip area of Lower La Noscea. It is a large, busy shipyard operated by the sole constructor of Limsa Lominsan ships, Naldiq & Vymelli's, who have their headquarters here. Due to its importance to the city, the Maelstrom keeps the shipyard under their protection. The area was spared the brunt of the Calamity's damage due to its sheltered location, though the docks have had to work overtime since repairing and rebuilding ships. Prior to the Calamity, the shipbuilding facilities were used solely by the Armorer's Guild in order to prevent sabotage. Nowadays, with many craftsmen moved onto more pressing restoration projects, the builders have resorted to recruiting adventurers, freelancers, and former pirates in order to complete their projects.

The shipyard's largest project is the Victory, Naldiq & Vymelli's first vessel crafted since the Calamity. When completed it is intended to be the most powerful ship in the Maelstrom's armada, which was largely destroyed in the Calamity. The work is overseen by Ahtbyrm.


Dungeons and Trials

Hullbreaker Isle
Hullbreaker Isle

The Whorleater (Hard)
The Whorleater (Hard) /
The Whorleater (Extreme)
The Whorleater (Extreme)


Side Quests

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Quest Level NPC Location
What Counts 12 Yulgi Honalgi (x25,y33)
Failure to Lunch 12 Wafufu (x25,y33)
Nailed It 13 Hezzkhezl (x27,y33)
Constant Carvings 13 Mimidoa (x25,y34)
Leves of Moraby 20 Ourawann (x23,y33)


Battlecraft Leves

Leve Name Level Type Category NPC Location
The Deathliest Catch 20 Battle Veracity Ourawann (x23,y33)
Strand by Me 20 Battle Confidence Ourawann (x23,y33)
Man the Ore 20 Battle Sympathy Ourawann (x23,y33)
The Light Stripes 20 Battle Temperance Ourawann (x23,y33)
Claw-struck 20 Battle Veracity Ourawann (x23,y33)
Another Egg Gone 20 Battle Resolve Ourawann (x23,y33)

Grand Company Leves

Leve Name Level Type Category NPC Location
Throw the Book at Him 20 Maelstrom Prudence Eugene (x23,y34)
The Creeps from Work 20 Maelstrom Equity Eugene (x23,y34)
Victory Is Mine, Not Yours 20 Maelstrom Promptitude Eugene (x23,y34)
Don't Touch Our Stuff 20 Maelstrom Unity Eugene (x23,y34)
Double Dose of Impin' 25 Maelstrom Equity Eugene (x23,y34)
You're a Liar, Mansel Black 25 Maelstrom Prudence Eugene (x23,y34)
Wrong and Rite 25 Maelstrom Promptitude Eugene (x23,y34)
Of Mice and Demons 25 Maelstrom Unity Eugene (x23,y34)