Raincatcher Gully

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Raincatcher Gully

A great many plants blossom into crimson flowers within the warmth of the dense jungle known as Raincatcher Gully, though scholars remain unsure of the causes behind such an imbalance in color amongst the region's flora.

— In-game description

Raincatcher Gully is a area in Eastern La Noscea.


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The Severed String

Home to a black marketeer, the Severed String was also a shop dealing in smuggled and stolen goods until the owner abandoned it for reasons unknown. Though the place stood empty for a long while, at some point imperial deserters took up residence within its aptly named walls.

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Red Mantis Falls

The deadly red mantises that lay their eggs near the base of this majestic waterfall also lend the place its ominous name—Red Mantis Falls.

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Raincatcher Gully Docks

The ferry stops at the Raincatcher Gully Docks to take travelers across the river, and a small storehouse nearby serves its pointers and steersmen. Of late, rumors abound of unscrupulous characters with a Far Eastern look to them entering the shack.

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Brayflox's Longstop

Brayflox Alltalks, a former member of the Company of Heroes, sought to establish a camp in this region. However, she was unaware of the wounded wyrm slumbering in a cave deep within. Thus, the party of goblins she sent into the jungle met with great tragedy.