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The Resistance Remembers

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The Resistance Remembers

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Quest giver
Gangos (X:6.2, Y:5.0)
Quest line
Resistance Weapons Quests

Required items
18  Haunting Memory of the Dying
18  Vexatious Memory of the Dying
Experience 0
Gil 655
Previous quest
Change of Arms
Next quest
A New Path of Resistance

Judging by his furrowed brow, Gerolt's plans to further improve your Resistance weapon may at last be taking shape.

— In-game description


Main article: Augmented Law's Order Weapons/Quest

This step cannot be done inside Bozja or Zadnor.


  • Deliver memories of the dying to the Allagan node in Gangos.


  • Judging by his furrowed brow, Gerolt's plans to further improve your Resistance weapon may at last be taking shape.
  • On the surface, Gerolt's plan is seemingly simple─a more selective use of crystallized memories to better align with your preferred style of combat. However, the means to analyze the aetherial properties of these memories yet eludes him. Enter Regana, accompanied by an Allagan node commissioned from Garlond Ironworks designed to do precisely that. Though daunted by the potential ramifications of accepting further help─financial or otherwise─Zlatan can see no other way to proceed with Gerolt's plan. As Regana explains, the node will use gathered memories to create a registry with which you can modify the Resistance weapon as you see fit. Hoping for an adequate sample size, Gerolt suggests searching for two types of memories, eighteen of each.
  • You return to Gangos with an ample supply of memories for the node, which wastes no time in analyzing and allocating them. When you offer up your Resistance weapon, however, it warns of aetheric instability, and the near-certain corruption of your weapon should you proceed. Zlatan believes the solution to this problem lies in the crystal foci, which used a sealant of heated aetherial siltstone to ensure its stability. Regana notes there was a time when pottery made from this stone could be found in all corners of the realm, suggesting the ruins of Bozja may not be the only place where they can be found. Of course, there is only one among you capable of scouring such dark depths.

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