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Born Again Anima

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Ardashir seems eager to tell you something.

※Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.

— In-game description


Depending on job:


Main article: Complete Anima Weapons/Quest#Born Again Anima

As with all quests, the steps must be performed in order, from top to bottom.



  • Ardashir seems eager to tell you something.
    • ※Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.
  • Ardashir has good news to share with you─work on the processing node vital to his work is nearly complete. His elation is soon dampened, however, when Gerolt rebukes him for not lifting a finger to help. The young scholar soon insists on doing his fair share of the work, but never fear─there is plenty to go around. Ardashir wastes no time in splitting up his duties, tasking you with obtaining three oddities needed to forge the new anima weapon: a rare gemstone from Amdapor, a magicked doll from the Great Gubal Library, and molten rock from Sohm Al.
  • Braving the perils of Eorzea's darkest dungeons you emerge unscathed, and three rarities richer for the experience. You can only hope Ardashir will have completed his tasks by the time you get back.
  • You arrive in Azys Lla to find the processing node is fully operational. Not wanting to waste time, Ardashir insists Gerolt ignore his thirst for ale and begin work on the weapon. Meanwhile, he would have you activate the now-functioning node.
  • The node springs to life with a buzz and a whir, ready to fashion you a soulstone. Assuming you have the required materials, of course. When you are finished with the processing node, Ardashir asks that you activate the verification node in preparation for the anima's transfer.
  • Moving the anima to a new soulstone will incur great risk, as there is a chance the fledgling spirit will dissipate into the aether before the process is complete. After extensive research, however, Ardashir has discovered the means to ensure the anima's safety: increasing its aetheric density. As he explains it, the anima weapon's recent treatment of ceruleum has enhanced its aether-absorbing abilities, making now the opportune time to carry out his plan. He furnishes you with a monitoring device, and bids you continue your routine acts of heroism. When the anima has absorbed sufficient levels of aether, his most recent discovery─the verification node─will analyze the anima weapon and determine your chances of success. Ardashir is not one to gamble, however, and says he will not be satisfied until failure is a mathematical improbability.
    • ※Should you misplace the anima glass, you may obtain a new one by speaking with Ardashir at Azys Lla.
  • You traverse the realm to fortify the anima through feats of heroism both great and small, from saving cats trapped on cold stone rooves to slaying beasts sent from the void. Confident that the anima is ready, you return to Azys Lla to have the anima weapon examined. The verification node begins its analysis, and after what seems an eternity, you are pleased to hear the chance of failure is nigh on impossible. All that remains is carrying out the transfer.
  • His plans have been perfect, his calculations impeccable, yet Ardashir cannot dismiss his impending sense of dread. His doubts are soon cast aside, however, when Gerolt surprises him with a few choice words reminiscent of encouragement. Duly inspired, they set to work, and it is not long before the anima is placed securely in its new soulstone and weapon...or so they think. You hold your freshly forged weapon aloft, but when you call forth the anima, the lack of response gives you pause. Just when Ardashir had begun to lose hope, the anima appears from a blinding flash of light, regaling you with talk of an otherworldly experience. The anima is safe, now and forevermore. But Ardashir mentions he has one last order of business to discuss with you. Whatever could it be?
    • ※ The attributes of the anima weapon can be reallocated by speaking with Ulan in Idyllshire.