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Seal Rock (Seize)

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Seal Rock (Seize)

Seal rock seize.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
20 minutes
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 50 Allagan Tomestone of Causality 50 Allagan Tomestone of Comedy 20 
Req. quest
quest Like Civilized Men and Women

Legend has it that Llymlaen sealed a giant serpent She Herself created within Swallowtail Roam, an island said to drift about the sea so that those with evil intentions might never find it. When Seal Rock was first discovered, many believed it to be the selfsame island─but its true nature remained unknown until the Calamity laid her secrets bare. Upon their return to the island following the fall of Dalamud, Allied forces discovered Allagan tomeliths containing a wealth of knowledge. They concluded that the entire island was in fact an Allagan construct─a proving ground for Omega and other technology they developed to combat the primal threat. As was the case in Carteneau, control of the island and its resources remain disputed, and peaceful negotiations have failed to achieve a resolution. And so, once more, they would settle the matter on the battlefield.

— In-game description

Seal Rock (Seize) is a level 30 PvP duty introduced in patch 3.05 with Heavensward. It is a 24v24v24 Frontline battle where players must claim a set amount of ancient data from Allagan Tomeliths scattered about the arena.

Seal Rock (Seize)

Victory Conditions

Teams must accumulate a set amount of Data within the time limit in order to win, and the remaining alliances will be ranked according to how much data they've collected. Data is accumulated in one of two ways:

  • Occupying Allagan Tomeliths
  • Defeating enemy players

In the event that none of the teams accumulates the required amount of data within the time limit, victory is awarded to the team with the most data.

Occupying Allagan Tomeliths

All over Seal Rock, players will find large structures known as Allagan Tomeliths. By standing within proximity of the Tomeliths, players will be able to extract the data within, increasing their data accumulation.

Active and Inactive Tomeliths

Tomeliths will be either "occupied" or "unoccupied", based on whether an alliance has claimed it. If a tomelith is occupied and opposing players attempt to access it, the tomelith will become "unoccupied" and the other teams will be able to attempt to claim it.

Allagan Tomelith Ranks

Tomeliths will activate at one of three ranks: B, A and S. Based on what rank the tomelith spawns, it will hold a larger amount of data for players to collect, as well as offer a larger quantity of data while it's occupied.

As time passes, higher rank tomeliths will spawn more frequently and will be easier to activate.

Engaging Opposing Teams

By defeating players from opposing teams, players can retrieve data while at the same time decreasing the amount of data the opposing team holds.