Boulder Downs

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Boulder Downs

Before the Calamity, Boulder Downs was a vast sloped lea littered with moraine deposited by realm-swallowing glaciers long receded The rain of debris that accompanied the full of Dalamud, however, transformed the landscape into a frozen wasteland pocked with gaping impact craters and peculiar dark matter formations.

— In-game description

Boulder Downs is a area in Coerthas Central Highlands.


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Aurum Vale

Main article: Aurum Vale

The Aurum Vale is, contrary to its name, not a valley of riches, but rather a series of underground caves containing precious deposits of mythril and sulphur. However, these coveted veins are largely submerged in heated groundwater, triggering a chemical reaction which results in puddles of a highly toxic sludge known as goldbile.

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Hall of the Seven Echoes

So high are its walls, were one to cry out while traversing this narrow canyon road linking Mor Dhona to the Coerthas Central Highlands, it is said her voice would echo seven times.

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Monument Tower

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Pilgrims of the Ishgardian faith often stop here to pray to the sacred stone suspended within the Fury's Gaze - a holy place guarded by the Temple Knights stationed within the tower.

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Daniffen Pass

lshgardian scripture asserts that this winding cavern is the selfsame one traversed by Saint Daniffen long ago. As a result, pilgrims from the Holy See attempting to walk in the saint's footsteps are a common sight.

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Dzemael Darkhold

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As its name suggests, the construction of the Darkhold was financed by House Dzemael, which sought to utilize existing underground caves to build a flawless fortification to defend against the Dravanian Horde. However, construction was postponed indefinitely when the house's digging uncovered an entrance to the void, from which an army of voidsent emerged.