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Spearfishing is a new type of Fishing introduced in Stormblood (4.0).


Spearfishing Locations

How to Spearfish

1. Equip your spearfishing gig, then dive underwater and use the actions "Fathom"[1] or "Shark Eye"[2] to identify the location of teeming waters.

How to spearfish1.png

2. Target the teeming waters.

How to spearfish2.png

3. After targeting the teeming waters, wait for bubbles appear.

How to spearfish3.png

4. When bubbles appear, a sea creature will approach, and you can use your gig to spear it.

5. Successfully speared fish are added to your inventory.

How to spearfish4.png

6. In the event you fail to spear anything, you may try again so long as the teeming waters have not been fully depleted.

7. Replacing the head of your gig will allow you to spear a larger variety of fish.

You can quit spearfishing at any time by hitting the escape key, the cancel button, or using the cancel action. Similar to fishing, all fish you spear are recorded in your Fishing Log, Fish Guide, and your Records.

How to spearfish5.png

  • When certain conditions are met, swimming shadows will appear in teeming waters.

Spearfishing Gigs

There are three types of gig heads, each of which will allow you to spear different kinds of fish. Players can swap between gig heads using the Gig Head action. Gigs are purchasable from NPCs upon unlocking spearfishing.

Spearfishing gigs1.png


Specific conditions may be required in order to gather fish through spearfishing. After completing the conditions, a special node will appear. This will occur through regular fishing nodes and job quest nodes[3].

Teeming Waters

Teeming Waters where spearfishing can be conducted have been added.


Level Action
61 Fathom
61 Shark Eye
61 Gig
61 Gig Head
63 Veteran Trade
64 Calm Waters
65 Shark Eye II
66 Truth of Oceans
67 Salvage
68 Bountiful Catch
69 Nature's Bounty
77 Identical Gig


Level Trait
61 Auto Fathom
63 Fish Whisperer


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