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Fisher frame icon.png FSH (actions)
GP Cost

Quest Req.
Feature quest A New Fishing Ex-spear-ience

No description available.

— In-game description

Spearfishing is an action unlocked by questing at level 61. It is available for Fisher. Spearfishing is a new type of Fishing introduced in Stormblood (4.0).



Spearfishing Locations

Spearfishing Tutorial

Disambig icon.png This article is about the mechanics after the overhaul in patch 6.0 with the launch of Endwalker. For the previous version of spearfishing, see Spearfishing/Old.

Spearfishing involves a mini-game wherein players strike fish as they swim across the screen.

Spearfishing overhaul1.png

Spearfishing Basics

  1. With your Spearfishing gig icon1.png  Spearfishing Gig equipped, use the Fathom.png  Fathom and Shark Eye.png  Shark Eye actions to locate teeming waters.

Spearfishing overhaul2.png

  1. As fish swim across your field of vision, strike them using the Gig.png  Gig action.

Spearfishing overhaul3.png

New Spearfishing Features

Weak Spots

Fish are caught by striking their weak spot as they swim through the teeming waters.

Spearfishing overhaul4.png

Certain fish will have a distinctive appearance, indicating they are guaranteed to be large-sized when caught.

Spearfishing overhaul5.png


Nearby fish will take notice of your actions in the teeming waters, their wariness represented by a gauge at the top of the spearfishing interface. Wariness increases slowly over time, as well as with each strike of your spear. When the gauge is full, the fish will disperse, ending your spearfishing attempt.

Spearfishing overhaul6.png

Catch Counter

Successfully catching fish in quick succession will increase your catch counter (up to a maximum of ten), which slows the rate at which wariness increases. Be mindful, however, that the counter may reset should you go too long without catching any fish.

Spearfishing overhaul7.png

  • To abandon a spearfishing attempt, press the Escape key, or the Quit action.


Specific conditions may be required in order to gather fish through spearfishing. After completing the conditions, a special node will appear. This will occur through regular fishing nodes and job quest nodes[1].

Teeming Waters

Teeming Waters where spearfishing can be conducted have been added.


Level Action
61 Fathom.png  Fathom
61 Shark Eye.png  Shark Eye
61 Gig.png  Gig
63 Veteran Trade.png  Veteran Trade
65 Shark Eye II.png  Shark Eye II
66 Truth of Oceans.png  Truth of Oceans
67 Salvage.png  Salvage
69 Nature's Bounty.png  Nature's Bounty
85 Electric Current.png  Electric Current


Level Trait
61 Auto fathom icon.png  Auto Fathom


  • EW.png Patch 6.0 (2021-12-07): Spearfishing system overhauled to its current form.
  • SB.png Patch 4.0 (2017-06-20): Added.
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