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Job Gauge refers either to an user interface element first added during Stormblood (patch 4.0) that is used to track Job's specific resources or to resource itself. This includes, but is not limited, to:

Multiple resources can be shown in a single UI element, for example Sage's Addersgall gauge shows progress bar for replenishing Addersgall, current amount of Addersgall stacks and current amount of Addersting stacks.

Some gauges can be unevenly split into multiple UI elements, for example Samurai has 3 resources - Sen, Kenki and Meditation stacks. Sen has individual UI element, while Kenki and Meditation stacks share the same UI element.

In PvP, Job Gauges were previously present but have been removed with the PvP job overhaul in patch 6.1.

The Job Gauge Description may be viewed from the "Actions and Traits" window, with a ? button at the bottom of the window.

Simple Job Gauge

Simple Job Gauges are simplified version of the original UI element. They contain same information as the original, but they do not have unnecessary graphical components, like background images or overwhelming animations. Simplified Job Gauges of different Jobs often look very similar if they work on similar basis. For example, simplified version of White Mage's lilies and blood lilies is nearly identical to Sage's Addersgall and Addersting, while their original version are easily distinguishable because of their very distinct graphical design.

Sge whm gauge comparison.jpg

Switching between Normal/Simple Modes

You can switch between the normal and simple versions of the Job Gauge display through the individual HUD layout options.

  • You will need to be on the job you want to change your Job Gauge.

Switching to simplified gauge.jpg

You can also switch between the two versions using the following text command:


If there are more Job Gauges available, assign a number to switch the specific Job Gauge display:

/jobhudmode [number]

Sam gauge comparison.jpg

For Samurai, Job Gauge 1 is the Kenki gauge, and 2 is the Sen gauge.

If Job has multiple UI elements, you can mix and match them however you want. You can use simplified Kenki gauge while simultaneously use normal Sen gauge or any other combination.

Sam mixed gauge.jpg

Settings for both styles of Job Gauges are saved on the HUD layouts 1 through 4 individually, so you can switch between all sorts of modes as you like.


All Tanks have gauges that change their design to reflect whether they have their respective tank stance active.


Oath Gauge:

  • Oath is charged by auto-attacks. Auto-attack for Paladin occurs every 2.24 seconds, meaning it takes 44.8 seconds to charge gauge from 0 to 100. The accumulated Oath can then be consumed for Sheltron, Holy Sheltron, Intervention or Cover.
  • Whether tank stance Iron Will is active is indicated by golden background picture in normal gauge, or by small symbol on the left of the gauge in simplified version.


Beast Gauge:

  • Beast gauge charges by using most of the regular weaponskills and by ability Infuriate. Gauge can be spend for heavy hitting attacks like Fell Cleave.
  • Whether tank stance Defiance is active is indicated by background picture in normal gauge, or by small symbol on the left of the gauge in simplified version.

Dark Knight

Blood Gauge:

  • Whether tank stance Grit is active is indicated by glow and animation of picture on the left side in normal gauge, or by small symbol on the left of the gauge in simplified version.

Darkside Gauge:


Powder Gauge:

  • Single Cartridge is gained by finishing basic combo. 3 Cartridges are gained by using Bloodfest (only 2 at lower levels).
  • Cartridges can be spent on damage-oriented abilities. Burst Strike and Gnashing Fang cost 1 Cartridge, while Double Down costs 2 Cartridges.
  • Whether tank stance Royal Guard is active is indicated by red pulsating symbol, or by small symbol on the left of the gauge in simplified version.


White Mage

Healing Gauge:


Aetherflow gauge:

Faerie gauge:

  • Every skill which requires Aetherflow stack to execute also grants 10 Fae Aether, but only under condition that any of your Faerie is also currently summoned.
  • Fae Aether is used by Aetherpact, which continuously drains the gauge.


Arcana gauge:

  • Tracks currently held card (Arcana) on the left.
  • Tracks currently held Minor Arcana on the right.
  • 3 icons on top track previously used Arcana cards. Lunar sign (halfmoon symbol) gained from cards The Arrow and The Ewer, Celestial sign (circle symbol) gained from cards The Spear and The Spire and Solar sign (sun symbol) gained from cards The Balance and The Bole. Your goal is to get collect 3 ideally distinct symbols, in order to receive better buffs from using Astrodyne.



  • Indicates whether you are able to execute special Eukrasian abilities. For example, without Eukrasia active, Diagnosis has only weak healing effect. With Eukrasia active, it changes to Eukrasian Diagnosis, which additionally erects barrier on target.

Addersgall Gauge:

  • Addersgall charges passively every 30 seconds, with maximum of 3 stacks. Additionaly, one stack can be gained from ability Rhizomata. Addersgall can be used for healing abilities. Each of those abilities additionally restore 700 MP, meaning that usage of this gauge helps with regaining mana.
  • Addersting stack is gained whenever barrier created by Eukrasian Diagnosis is destroyed. Addersting can be used to execute Toxikon and Toxikon II.

Melee DPS


Master's gauge:

  • Tracks how many Beast Chakra the monk has obtained (up to 3).
  • Tracks whether Lunar Nadi and Solar Nadi are ontained
  • When Beast Chakra are full, can use attacks from Masterful Blitz.png  Masterful Blitz depending on how many unique Beast Chakra are obtained.
  • When both the Lunar and Solar Nadi are obtained, can use Tornado Kick.png  Tornado Kick (upgrades to Phantom Rush.png  Phantom Rush).

Chakra gauge:


Dragon Gauge:


Ninki Gauge:

Huton gauge:


Kenki gauge:

  • Kenki gauge is gained through executing most regular weaponskills or with ability Ikishoten. Kenki can be spent for Hissatsu abilities.
  • Meditation gauge requires 3 Meditation stacks in order to execute Shoha or Shoha II. Meditation stacks can be gained by executing Iaijutsu moves, Ogi Namikiri or by ability Meditation.

Sen gauge:


Soul Gauge and Shroud Gauge:

  • When you learn the trait Soul Gauge, the Soul Gauge will be displayed, indicating the number of Souls you have accumulated. Souls are accumulated upon executing certain weaponskills and by defeating enemies who fall under the effects of Death's Design from the action Shadow of Death. Souls can be used to execute Blood Stalk, Grim Swathe (acquired at level 55), and Gluttony (acquired at level 76).
  • Upon learning the trait Shroud Gauge, the Shroud Gauge will be displayed, indicating the number of Shrouds you have accumulated. Shrouds are acquired by executing certain weaponskills, and can be used to execute Enshroud.

Death Gauge:

  • When you learn the trait 'Shroud Gauge', the duration of Enshrouded and the stacks of 'Lemure Shroud' will be displayed. 'Lemure Shroud' stacks can be used to execute several actions such as Void Reaping and Communio (acquired at level 90).
  • When you learn the trait Enhanced Shroud, Void Shroud will be gained when stacks of Lemure Shroud are used. These can be used to execute several actions such as Lemure's Slice and Lemure's Scythe.

Physical Ranged DPS


Song gauge:

  • Appears whilst singing Mage's Ballad, Army's Paeon, or The Wanderer's Minuet, and displays a timer that tracks the remaining duration of the song.
  • Series of musical notes or arrowheads appear when using Army's Paeon or The Wanderer's Minuet respectively. Whenever a Repertoire is triggered (which has random chance every 3 seconds), these symbols will light up, granting the following effects;
  • Upon learning the trait Soul Voice.png  Soul Voice, the Soul Voice Gauge will appear, tracking a 0-100 resource that increases every time Repertoire is triggered. At least 20 Soul Voice is required to use Apex Arrow.png  Apex Arrow, which consumes all gauge upon execution. However, the potency of Apex Arrow is maximized if at least 80 Soul Voice is consumed.
  • Upon learning the trait Minstrel's Coda.png  Minstrel's Coda, the Coda Gauge will appear. Each time a different song is played, its corresponding Coda will be displayed. These are used to execute Radiant Finale.png  Radiant Finale, which requires at least one unique Coda. The potency of Radiant Finale's buff is maximized if all three different Coda are active.


Heat Gauge:

  • Heat is a resource gained from a basic single-target or AoE combo. The action Hypercharge.png  Hypercharge requires 50 Heat to use. Barrel Stabilizer.png  Barrel Stabilizer will instantly increase Heat by 50.

Battery Gauge:

  • Battery is a resource gained from successfully completing a single-target combo, using Hot Shot.png  Hot Shot / Air Anchor.png  Air Anchor, or Chain Saw.png  Chain Saw. The actions Rook Autoturret.png  Rook Autoturret and Automaton Queen.png  Automaton Queen require at least 50 Battery to use and will consume all current Battery. The potency of Rook Autoturret or Automaton Queen's attacks will increase with higher Battery consumption.


Step gauge:

Fourfold Feather:

Magical Ranged DPS

Black Mage

Elemental Gauge:

  • Tracks level of Astral Fire or Umbral Ice.
  • Tracks number of Umbral Hearts (3 gained by casting Blizzard IV or Freeze, 1 with each cast of Umbral Soul). Umbral Hearts reduce the cost of fire spells when in Astral Fire and are spent when casting fire spells (Flare instantly spends all remaining hearts). Losing Enochian removes all Umbral Hearts.
  • Enochian timer and status. Enochian is activated whenever Astral Fire or Umbral Ice is entered and is lost when neither Astral Fire or Umbral Ice is active.
  • Tracks number of Polyglots (spent to cast Foul or Xenoglossy). Polyglots are gained every 30 seconds Enochian is active or by using Amplifier.
  • Tracks charge of Paradox.


Aetherflow gauge:

  • Tracks Aetherflow resource. Two stacks of Aetherflow are granted from using Energy Drain.png  Energy Drain (single target) or Energy Siphon.png  Energy Siphon (AoE). One Aetherflow is required to execute the off-global cooldown attacks Fester.png  Fester (single target) or Painflare.png  Painflare (AoE).

Trance gauge:

  • The Trance Gauge has three functions. First, it tracks Arcanum, three different colored jewels. Each one is used to summon a different pet, which will perform a powerful AoE attack and augment the user's spells. Second, it tracks the current duration of Aethercharge.png  Aethercharge, which later upgrades to Dreadwyrm Trance.png  Dreadwyrm Trance, and later still to the combat duration remaining for Demi-Bahamut after learning Summon Bahamut.png  Summon Bahamut. Finally, after learning Summon Phoenix.png  Summon Phoenix, the gauge will indicate whether the next Demi-Primal summon will be Demi-Bahamut or Demi-Phoenix.

Red Mage

Balance Gauge:

  • Tracks current amount of black and white mana
  • If the two manas are in great imbalance, crystal on top will start glowing with dominant element, making balancing manas harder.
  • When both kinds of mana are charged up, certain melee attacks are Enchanted, and will deal significantly increased damage.
  • After executing enchanted melee attack, you gain Mana stack. At 3 stacks, you are able to execute Verflare and Verholy.