The Borderland Ruins (Slaughter)

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While many will remember the Calamity for the destruction it wrought upon the realm of Eorzea, that destruction was not without its blessings─one of those being the uncovering of ancient Allagan ruins hidden underneath the war-scarred Carteneau Flats and heretofore unseen for several Astral Eras. When an attempt by the Grand Companies of Eorzea to determine the control of these ruins, and more importantly the secrets they contain, through peaceful negotiations ended in failure, the city-states instead elected to solve the issue of dominion using a form of civilized warfare dubbed Frontline.

— In-game Description

The Borderland Ruins (Slaughter) was a deathmatch mode for Frontline PvP that was introduced in patch 2.5. Similar to The Borderland Ruins (Secure), up to 72 players, divided into 3 teams based on their Grand Company allegiance, battle for supremacy.





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Rules and Mechanics

How to Win

Players earn tactical points for their teams by defeating the players of opposing teams. The team with the highest tactical points at the end of time limit or the team that reaches the required tactical points first wins. The rest of the teams are ranked by the amount of points they have.


Teleporters have been placed at key locations, allowing players to cross great distances instantaneously. Please be aware teleporters cannot be used to return to a previous location.

Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline rush will replace the limit break action in the Borderland Ruins (Slaughter). Unlike the limit break, adrenaline rush is unnafected by the actions of party members, and can be used by single players after filling the adrenaline rush gauge. It can then be activated using Limit Break located under the General tab of the Actions & Traits interface. The adrenaline rush action performed will depend on your role.

Action Role Effect
Aegis Boon Tank Temporarily reduces damage taken by all party members by 50%.
Raw Destruction Melee DPS Delivers an attack to a single target.
Cometeor Ranged Magic DPS Deals unaspected damage to all enemies near point of impact.
Empyrean Rain Healer
Ranged Physical DPS
Restores 50% of own HP and the HP of all nearby party members, as well as cure all status effects.

Combat rank bonuses will now affect the rate at which the adrenaline gauge fills.

Rank Bonus to Adrenaline
1st None
2nd Fills 1.25 times faster
3rd Fills 1.5 times faster

Battle High and Battle Fever

Battle High and Battle Fever are buffs awarded for a certain number of consecutive KOs. However, changing classes, logging out, or being defeated yourself will reset the counter towards acquiring either buff.

Status Requirement Effect
Battle High Defeat four players consecutively. Damage dealt increases by 20%, and the adrenaline gauge fills 1.5 times faster.
Battle Fever Defeat eight players consecutively. Damage dealt increases by 40%, and the adrenaline gauge fills two times faster.

Defeating Monsters

Monsters will appear on the field periodically. Slaying them will grant you stat and adrenaline gauge bonuses. The bonus granted will vary depending on the monster slain.

Status Affected Player Effect
Haste The party that defeats the monster. Reduces weaponskill and spell recast times, as well as auto-attack delay.
HP Boost & MP Boost The party that defeats the monster. Increases maximum HP and MP.
Increased Damage The team that deals the most damage. Damage dealt is increased by 10%.

Additionally, tactical points will be awarded to all teams based upon the damage they dealt to defeat a monster.