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Duty Roulette feature of Duty Finder that automatically form parties

A party is a group of players. Players can form a party to tackle many group activities such as Dungeon Dungeons, Trial Trials, FATEFATEs, Guildhest Guildhests, Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunts and certain Side Questquests. Players can use the Duty finder icon2.png Duty Finder to automatically form parties across the servers for many duties.

A Light Party consist of 4 players while a Full Party consist of 8 players. An alliance consists of 3 full parties or 24 players.

  • Additionally players can use the Party Finder, introduced in patch 2.1, to form parties with specific goals by filtering players with certain requirements.

Types of Parties

Light Party

Light Party consist of 4 players, typically 1 Tank role.png Tank / 1 Healer role.png Healer / 2 DPS role.png DPS. Nearly all of the Dungeon Dungeons, Guildhest Guildhests, and low level Trial Trials are designed for a light party.

Full Party

Full Party consist of 8 players, typically 2 Tank role.png Tanks / 2 Healer role.png Healers / 4 DPS role.png DPSes. Raid Normal Raids along with all the endgame Trial Trials are designed for a full party.


Alliances consist of 3 full parties of 24 players. The role mix is different for alliances:[1] three separate Full Parties of 1 Tank role.png Tank / 2 Healer role.png Healers / 5 DPS role.png DPSes. Alliance Raid Alliance Raids are the primary content for this.


Duty finder icon2.png Duty Finder

Duty Roulette Duty Roulette

Party finder icon2.png Party Finder


Player commendation icon1.png Player Commendation


  1. As of at least Patch 2.3 and the release of Syrcus Tower. When The Labyrinth of the Ancients was added in Patch 2.1, it used the same Full Party composition as other duties.