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Central Shroud
(The Black Shroud)
Connects to
East Shroud (E)
Bentbranch Meadows (X:21.8, Y:22.1)

Just beyond the waters of the East Vein, Greentear is a stretch of forest wherein the elementals have permitted men to harvest timber. As such, the air is always thick with the sounds of woodcutters chopping and sawing.

— In-game description

Greentear is a area in Central Shroud.


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A structure initially built in the days of Gelmorra, Spirithold has found new use as a prison to hold enemies of the forest while they await judgment - though whether the same can be said after the Calamity is unclear. Some also refer to the crumbling ruin as Warren's Hold, after the cells' first gaoler.

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Gabineaux's Bower

A small cabin for loggers of the Botanists' Guild, Gahineaux's Bower takes its name from the woodcutters' hardworking overseer.

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Naked Rock

A section of cliff face that has fallen away to reveal the rough surface beneath, Naked Rock is a nest for vicious raptors - a fact many a traveler has stumbled upon (or into) - only after it was too late.