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The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros

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Adventuring Foray.png

The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros

Fair Skies.png Thunder (weather).png Snow.png Blizzard (weather).png Umbral Wind.png Heat Waves.png
Eureka Pyros banner.png
70 (Sync: 70)
Item Level
(Sync: 300)
Party size
1-144 man 1-144 Any class frame icon.png
Not Allowed
Time limit
180 minutes
Req. quest
Feature quest And We Shall Call It Pyros
Kugane (X:8.5, Y:14.2)
The echo icon1.png The Echo
Permanent +150%

The expedition's quest to reach the headquarters of the Students of Baldesion at the center of the isle continues, and to that end they have relocated to a new base camp to utilize an ancient proto-aetheryte. Yet as they venture further north into a network of caves hidden within the massive mountains, frozen tundra gives way to smoldering lava: Pyros, a new region replete with new wonders and new threats...

— In-game description

The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros is a level 70 adventuring foray introduced in patch 4.45 with Stormblood.

It is the third of four areas in The Forbidden Land, Eureka, consisting of both a frozen region and a volcanic cavern.


The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros1.jpg
  • Level Requirement: Disciple of War or Magic level 70
  • Item Level Sync: 300
  • Elemental Level Sync: 50
  • Party Size: One to eight players
    • While up to 144 players can simultaneously be in the instance, only party sizes of up to eight players are allowed. Players can freely join or leave parties inside the instance, but Party Finder is disabled.
  • Role Restrictions: None
  • Time Limit: 180 minutes
    • The instance timer is specific to each player and commences upon entering the duty.
  • Unrestricted Parties not allowed


The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros2.jpg

Complete the quest And We Shall Call It Pyros

Shops & Services

Merchant Name Merchant Location
Expedition Artisan
(X:15.4, Y:23.9)
Expedition Birdwatcher
(X:17.6, Y:25.4)
Expedition Provisioner
(X:16.7, Y:23.8)
(X:15.3, Y:23.6)

Eureka Pyros FATEs

Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
FATE Notorious Monster Elemental Level Location Elemental EXP Eureka Tomestones Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Element Type Spawn Mob Light
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
We're All Mad Here 35 (X:24.2, Y:26.3) 344,010 Eureka 24Allagan Tomestone of Poetics None (0%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Medias Res Leucosia 35 (X:26.6, Y:26.3) 2,408,075 Eureka 30Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Water Pyros Bhoot Feeble (17%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
High Voltage Flauros 36 (X:29.1, Y:29.6) 2,648,883 Eureka 36Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Lightning Thunderstorm Sprite Feeble (19%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
On the Non-existent The Sophist 37 (X:31.9, Y:32) 2,917,745 Eureka 45Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Earth Pyros Apanda Feeble (17.7%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Creepy Doll Graffiacane 38 (X:23.7, Y:37.3) 3,215,355 Eureka 51Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Ice Valking Feeble (19.13%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Quiet, Please Askalaphos 39 (X:19.3, Y:28.1) 3,544,929 Eureka 54Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Wind Overdue Tome Bright (71%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Up and Batym Grand Duke Batym 40 (X:17.9, Y:14.3) 3,910,057 Eureka 63Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Earth Dark Troubadour Feeble (19%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Rondo Aetolus Aetolus 41 (X:10.2, Y:14) 4,314,747 Eureka 69Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Lightning Islandhander Feeble (21%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Scorchpion King Lesath 42 (X:12.8, Y:11.5) 4,763,481 Eureka 75Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Fire Bird Eater Feeble (23.67%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Burning Hunger Eldthurs 43 (X:15.4, Y:6.6) 5,261,265 Eureka 81Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Fire Pyros Crab Feeble (21%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Dry Iris Iris 44 (X:21.5, Y:11.9) 5,813,698 Eureka 87Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Water Northern Swallow Feeble (23%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Thirty Whacks Lamebrix Strikebocks 45 (X:22, Y:7.9) 6,243,413 Eureka 93Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Lightning Illuminati Escapee Feeble (24.83%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Put Up Your Dux Dux 46 (X:27, Y:9.1) 6,968,751 Eureka 99Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Lightning Matanga Castaway Brilliant (104%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Uncommon Nonsense 46 (X:24.9, Y:10.9) 918,149 Eureka 30Allagan Tomestone of Poetics None (0%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
You Do Know Jack Lumber Jack 47 (X:30, Y:11.6) 7,602,274 Eureka 105Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Earth Pyros Treant Gentle (31.5%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Mister Bright-eyes Glaukopis 48 (X:31.6, Y:14.9) 8,565,229 Eureka 108Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Fire Val Skatene Gentle (25%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Haunter of the Dark Ying-Yang 49 (X:11, Y:34) 9,224,093 Eureka 111Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Water Pyros Hecteyes Gentle (27.25%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Heavens' Warg Skoll 50 (X:23.9, Y:30) 10,146,502 Eureka 120Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Ice Pyros Shuck Gentle (30.4%)
Eureka notorious monster (map icon).png
Lost Epic Penthesilea 50 (X:35.5, Y:6.1) 10,146,502 Eureka 120Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Fire Val Bloodglider Gentle (28%)

Logos Actions

Logos Actions1.jpg

Logos actions are a new type of duty action available in Eureka Pyros.

Logos Actions2.png


Logos actions require crystals known as logograms.

After obtaining unidentified logograms in Eureka Pyros, take them to Drake (X:15.7, Y:23.9) to have them appraised and converted into logograms.

Unidentified logograms are kept in your inventory, but appraised logograms are stored only in the logos manipulator.

Logos Actions3.png

Logos Manipulator

With the logos manipulator, logograms can be combined to produce various logos actions.

Some logos actions can only be produced through specific combinations of logograms. Share information with your fellow players and discover more combinations.

Logos Actions4.png

Using Logos Actions

Logos actions are kept in the logos actions window and can be assigned as duty actions. Logos actions assigned as duty actions will be lost upon exiting Eureka.

Logos Actions5.png

Proceed through the Eureka Pyros story to improve the logos manipulator, which will allow two logos actions to be produced simultaneously.

Logos Actions6.png

By placing logograms in both the astral and umbral arrays of the logos manipulator, two logos actions can be produced at the same time. These will be kept in the logos actions window and can both be set as duty actions.

However, using four or more logograms will increase the rate of failure, which causes all logograms used to be lost. Therefore, you should weigh the risk against the potential reward before proceeding.

When two duty actions are set, the controls are as follows:

  • Duty Action 1
RT + Right Thumb-click (R2 + R3)
  • Duty Action 2
LT + Right Thumb-click (L2 + R3)
  • If only one duty action is set, either of the above inputs will activate it, as per the default controls.

Eureka Weapons

After fully augmenting a Eureka weapon in Pagos and proceeding to a certain point in the Pyros story, you will be able to augment your Eureka weapon further by speaking to Gerolt in Pyros (X:15.3 Y:23.5).

Research into logos actions is required to augment Eureka weapons.

Acquired logos actions will be recorded in the Logos Action Log, which can be viewed at any time by speaking to Drake. Eureka weapons can be enhanced incrementally upon registration of 10, 20, 30, and 50 logos actions.

Logos Actions Log1.png

List of Logograms

Logograms are items that can be appraised to obtain mnemes in The Forbidden Land, Eureka content. When appraised, the logogram will turn into one random mneme from a pool that depends on the logogram. Mnemes can then be combined to give Logos Actions at a Logos Manipulator. Logograms may be obtained as enemy drops, from lockboxes, or as direct rewards from Notorious Monsters, and may also be traded with other players or purchased from the Market Board.

Logogram How to Acquire Mnemes Unlocked
Conceptual logogram icon1.png  Conceptual Logogram Pyros - Bronze Happy Bunny boxes
Enemies: Current or higher level sprites
Mneme (yellow) icon.png  Backstep L, Mneme (green) icon.png  Cure L, Mneme (blue) icon.png  Incense L, Mneme (purple) icon.png  Paralyze L, Mneme (red) icon.png  Wisdom of the Aetherweaver, Mneme (red) icon.png  Wisdom of the Martialist, Mneme (blue) icon.png  Wisdom of the Platebearer
Fundamental logogram icon1.png  Fundamental Logogram Pyros - Bronze Happy Bunny boxes
Enemies: Level 41 Thunderstorm Sprite
Randomly with a chain of 30 or higher
Mneme (green) icon.png  Esuna L, Mneme (yellow) icon.png  Feint L, Mneme (cyan) icon.png  Protect L, Mneme (green) icon.png  Raise L, Mneme (purple) icon.png  Tranquilizer L
Offensive logogram icon1.png  Offensive Logogram Pyros - Gold Happy Bunny boxes
Hydatos - Gold Happy Bunny boxes
Mneme (red) icon.png  Bloodbath L, Mneme (red) icon.png  Wisdom of the Skirmisher
Protective logogram icon1.png  Protective Logogram FATEs: Eureka: Notorious MonsterHigh Voltage, Eureka: Notorious MonsterQuiet, Please, Eureka: Notorious MonsterScorchpion King, Eureka: Notorious MonsterThirty Whacks, Eureka: Notorious MonsterMister Bright-eyes, Eureka: Notorious MonsterHeavens' Warg
Pyros - Gold Happy Bunny boxes
Mneme (blue) icon.png  Spirit of the Remembered, Mneme (blue) icon.png  Wisdom of the Guardian
Curative logogram icon1.png  Curative Logogram FATEs: Eureka: Notorious MonsterMedias Res, Eureka: Notorious MonsterCreepy Doll, Eureka: Notorious MonsterRondo Aetolus, Eureka: Notorious MonsterDry Iris, Eureka: Notorious MonsterYou Do Know Jack, Eureka: Notorious MonsterLost Epic
Pyros - Silver Happy Bunny boxes
Mneme (green) icon.png  Cure L II, Mneme (green) icon.png  Wisdom of the Ordained
Tactical logogram icon1.png  Tactical Logogram Heat-warped lockbox icon1.png  Heat-warped Lockbox, Moisture-warped lockbox icon1.png  Moisture-warped Lockbox Mneme (yellow) icon.png  Featherfoot L, Mneme (yellow) icon.png  Stealth L
Inimical logogram icon1.png  Inimical Logogram FATEs: Eureka: Notorious MonsterOn the Non-existent, Eureka: Notorious MonsterUp and Batym, Eureka: Notorious MonsterBurning Hunger, Eureka: Notorious MonsterUncommon Nonsense, Eureka: Notorious MonsterHaunter of the Dark
Enemies: Level 52 Snowstorm Sprite adaptation, Level 54 Thunderstorm Sprite adaptation, Level 55 Typhoon Sprite adaptation
Mneme (purple) icon.png  Dispel L, Mneme (purple) icon.png  Spirit Dart L
Mitigative logogram icon1.png  Mitigative Logogram Pyros - Gold Happy Bunny boxes
Enemies: Level 46 Thunderstorm Sprite, Level 43 Ember Sprite adaptation, Level 46 Thunderstorm Sprite adaptation, Undead adaptation
Mneme (cyan) icon.png  Shell L, Mneme (cyan) icon.png  Stoneskin L
Obscure logogram icon1.png  Obscure Logogram FATEs: Eureka: Notorious MonsterFearful Symmetry, Eureka: Notorious MonsterFrom Tusk till Dawn, Eureka: Notorious MonsterI Don't Want to Believe, Eureka: Notorious MonsterI Ink, Therefore I Am
The Baldesion Arsenal
Randomly with a chain of 30 or higher
Mneme (red) icon.png  Double Edge L, Mneme (red) icon.png  Eagle Eye Shot L, Mneme (red) icon.png  Magic Burst L, Mneme (yellow) icon.png  Wisdom of the Breathtaker

Eurekan Weapons

See also: Eurekan Weapons and Eurekan Gear

Pyros Weapons

An upgrade to Elemental weapons. Weapons will have a white-blue flame particle effect.

Item Quick Reference Total for every weapon
Pyros Crystal x650 Penthesilea's Flame x5 Logos Actions x30
Pyros Crystal x9750 Penthesilea's Flame x75 Logos Actions x30
Pyros Weapons (iLvl 385)
Pyros Sword Pyros Sword (PLD) Pyros Shield Pyros Shield (PLD) Pyros Knuckles Pyros Knuckles (MNK)
Pyros Battleaxe Pyros Battleaxe (WAR) Pyros Lance Pyros Lance (DRG) Pyros Harp Bow Pyros Harp Bow (BRD)
Pyros Knives Pyros Knives (NIN) Pyros Cane Pyros Cane (WHM) Pyros Rod Pyros Rod (BLM)
Pyros Grimoire Pyros Grimoire (SMN) Pyros Codex Pyros Codex (SCH) Pyros Guillotine Pyros Guillotine (DRK)
Pyros Handgonne Pyros Handgonne (MCH) Pyros Astrometer Pyros Astrometer (AST) Pyros Blade Pyros Blade (SAM)
Pyros Tuck Pyros Tuck (RDM)
Weapon Tier iLvl Items needed
Elemental +1 375 Pyros Crystal x150, must have unlocked 10 Logos Actions Logos Actions
Elemental +2 380 Pyros Crystal x200, must have unlocked 20 Logos Actions Logos Actions
Pyros 385 Pyros Crystal x300, Penthesilea's Flame x5, must have unlocked 30 Logos Actions Logos Actions

How to acquire items to upgrade

Elemental Gear Sets

Other Rewards

Happy Bunnies

Pyros is also home to many a happy bunny. As a reward for saving them from imminent peril, happy bunnies will help you find hidden treasure on the island.

EurekaBronzeBunnyChest.png Bronze

EurekaSilverBunnyChest.png Silver

EurekaGoldBunnyChest.png Gold

Notorious Monsters


Players may encounter notorious monsters that cannot be found in other regions of Eureka. Those who would engage them are advised to seek aid from other adventurers.

Defeating notorious monsters yields a great deal of elemental EXP, as well as various rewards.

Eureka is teeming with mysterious creatures and phenomena. Intrepid adventurers will need to work together if they are to uncover those of its secrets not mentioned here.


This duty is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Mapping the realm eureka pyros icon1.png  Mapping the Realm: Eureka Pyros 10 Discover every location within the Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros. - 4.45
Making the most of pyros icon1.png  Making the Most of Pyros 10 Complete all the scenario quests within the Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros. - 4.45