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Savage Aim Materia V

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Savage Aim Materia V

Item type
Base Item (ilvl 160)
Adv. melding
Item Level
Gil 119

Critical Hit +6

— In-game description




Vendor Location / Coordinates Cost
Confederate Custodian The Ruby Sea (21.2, 9.3) Empyrean potsherd icon1.png 3 Empyrean Potsherd
E-Una-Kotor South Shroud (25, 20.6) Gelmorran potsherd icon1.png 1 Gelmorran Potsherd
Mowen's Merchant The Crystarium (10.1, 11.8) Mhachi matter icon1.png 1 Mhachi Matter
Rowena's Representative Foundation (10.5, 11.8) Mhachi matter icon1.png 1 Mhachi Matter
Rowena's Representative Kugane (12.2, 10.8) Mhachi matter icon1.png 1 Mhachi Matter
Rowena's Representative Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (9.1, 11.1) Mhachi matter icon1.png 1 Mhachi Matter
Rowena's Representative New Gridania (11.9, 12.3) Mhachi matter icon1.png 1 Mhachi Matter
Rowena's Representative Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (9.1, 8.3) Mhachi matter icon1.png 1 Mhachi Matter
Smacklix Idyllshire (7.6, 4.8) Mhachi matter icon1.png 1 Mhachi Matter
Switchstix Rhalgr's Reach (12.4, 11.3) Mhachi matter icon1.png 1 Mhachi Matter



Quest Type Level Quest Giver
A Bargain Struck Main Scenario quest 60 Alisaie
Where Men Go as One Main Scenario quest 60 Conrad
By the Grace of Lord Lolorito Main Scenario quest 61 Hancock
It's Probably a Trap Main Scenario quest 61 Lyse Hext
Confederate Consternation Main Scenario quest 62 Alisaie
In Soroban We Trust Main Scenario quest 63 Soroban
The Ones We Leave Behind Main Scenario quest 64 Yugiri
For Love of the Moon Main Scenario quest 66 Hien
Naadam Main Scenario quest 66 Cirina
Rhalgr's Beacon Main Scenario quest 67 Raubahn
The Lady of Bliss Main Scenario quest 67 Vajra
The Key to Victory Main Scenario quest 69 Alphinaud
Gross Encounters Sidequest 60 Serpent Marshal Brookstone
The Honest Truth Feature quest 61 Serpent Marshal Brookstone
The Soul's Remembrance Sidequest 62 Yana
Pulling Double Booty Feature quest 62 Hansaku
Fathoms Below Sidequest 63 Kurenai
The Elixir of Life Feature quest 63 Kurenai
Fly, My Pretties Feature quest 64 Honami
Kurobana vs. the Rice Sacks Feature quest 64 Fukudo
No Wealth Like Mineral Wealth Feature quest 64 Gyorin
Show Me the New Money Feature quest 64 Gyorin
Enjoy the Silence Sidequest 65 Cotota
Do or Die Sidequest 66 Khulan
The Rose Blooms Twice Feature quest 67 M'rahz Nunh
Public Opinion Sidequest 68 Baut
Second Chances Sidequest 68 J'dyalani
Give Them the Evil Eye Sidequest 68 Mawt
Falling Down on the Job Sidequest 69 Serpent Marshal Brookstone
A Glimpse of Madness Main Scenario quest 64 Liberation Front Guard

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