We're All Mad Here

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We're All Mad Here
Type Kill Boss
Location Eureka Pyros - Northeastern Ice Needles (x24.2,y26.3)
Level 35
Duration 30m
Enemies Lost Snipper, Lost Big Claw, Karlabos of Pyros
Description Whether their urge to snatch coral from atop wandering snippers should be attributed to their zeal for irritating other fauna or a simple attraction to bright colors is unclear, but the fact remains that the happy bunnies have angered an impressive number of the creatures in doing so.
Experience 344,010
Tomestones Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 24
Light None (0%)
We're All Mad Here is a level 35 Kill Boss FATE in Eureka Pyros - Northeastern Ice Needles (x24.2,y26.3).

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