Thirty Whacks

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Thirty Whacks
Type Kill Boss
Location Eureka Pyros - East Flamerock (x22.0,y7.9)
Level 45
Element Lightning
Duration 30m
Spawn Enemy Illuminati Escapee
Enemies Lamebrix Strikebocks, Dazzletype Magitek Vangob G-III
Description Lamebrix Strikebocks, dubbed "the Survivor" by his mercenary crew, is known for his tenacity in all things-whether it be staring down rivals at the gamblers' table, or avenging his underlings' murders. He is not known for his mercy.
Rewards Lamebrix's Dice
Experience 6,243,413
Tomestones Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 93
Light Feeble (24.83%)
Thirty Whacks is a level 45 Kill Boss FATE in Eureka Pyros - East Flamerock (x22.0,y7.9).

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