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Transports the user and party members to the chosen Aetheryte location for a fee. The fee is higher the further the destination.

— In-game description

Teleport is an action unlocked at level 1. It's available for any class.

Players will be able to teleport to various Aetherytes in different locations of Eorzea. Each teleport costs gil. The further away the player is from the destination the more gil it costs to teleport.

After patch 3.0, players will be able to teleport while mounted.


When first adventuring beyond the walls of your starting city, attuning to a second aetheryte will grant you the spell Teleport. Using this spell, you can travel instantly between aetherytes to which you are attuned. It should be noted that adventurers are expected to pay a small fee in gil for the upkeep of the aetheryte network.

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