Lydha Lran

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Lydha Lran

Lydha lran map.png
Map of Lydha Lran

Il Mheg
Connects to
Lyhe Mheg

Finding it abandoned by its former inhabitants following the events of the Flood, the pixies have claimed this Voeburtite village as their own. The fae have continued the villagers' practice of keeping sheep, making use of the weed-choked pens to raise and milk their wooly livestock.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 114

Lydha Lran is an area in Il Mheg.


Landmark (map icon).png
Lyhe Mheg

Speak with Thon Sul to access the area. Added with Patch 5.1 and involved in the Pixie Main Quests.

Additional Information

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