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The Archeion

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The Archeion

(The Northern Empty)
The Archeion (X:30.3, Y:11.9)

The Archeion Landmark.jpg

As Noumenon serves as Sharlayan's literary archive, so does this structure house the city's wealth of material data. Its shelves groan with a world of variety, from relics unearthed in ancient ruins to live samples of exotic insects and viable plant seeds.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 130

The Archeion is an area in Labyrinthos, The Northern Empty.

Additional Information

A structure built for the purpose of safely and securely housing all manner of specimens, both animate and inanimate. Together with the literary archive of Noumenon, it houses much of Sharlayan's gathered knowledge─a veritable treasure trove of mankind's accumulated wisdom.

  • The name is Greek for The Archive.
  • Local guide Shushutaby can be found here at (X:29.4,Y:12.1)