The Hall of Flames

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The Hall of Flames

Hall of flames1.jpg
The Hall of Flames

The Hall of Flames serves as headquarters to the city-state's Grand Company—the Immortal Flames. It was built over old Topaz Lane in an effort to restore an unused part of the city that had, until recently, become overrun with unsavory types.

— In-game description

The Hall of Flames is a landmark in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald, Thanalan.

Additional Information

The Hall of Flames is Home to the The Immortal Flames, Ul'dah's Grand Company (GC). It is here that you can become a Black Flame, purchase GC Gear/Supplies and more. Immortal flames aetheryte ticket icon1.png  Immortal Flames Aetheryte Tickets will bring you directly here.