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Actions are any abilities, attacks, spells, or other functions that can be used by the player. Players can set any action to the action bar as long as they have learned it and meet any associated class requirements. Many actions may be used by different classes than the one that learned them. Being level synced below the level of an action will cause it to become unusable.

Actions usually have some cost associated with them, be it MP, GP, CP and/or an individual cooldown.

— In-game description

Action Command.png

Actions represent all active skills, passives (traits), and system unlocks acquired throughout Final Fantasy XIV.


Actions & Traits panel.

There are several types of action in FFXIV. Each category works differently and some affect others directly. The way actions are laid out in FFXIV encompasses both interactive game systems, and the game's actual skills and passive buffs (spells, weapon skills and traits).


Most interactive game systems fall under this category. Actions such as jumping, dyeing equipment, sprinting, etc., which are unlocked through levelling or side quests, are labeled as general.


This category bears the same name as the system itself. These actions include all active skills acquired during regular leveling:

  • Spells: Active actions used primarily by Disciples of Magic. May consume MP, and shares global cooldown.
  • Weaponskills: Active actions used primarily by Disciples of War. Shares global cooldown.
  • Abilities: Special actions with their own cooldown and may require a class/job-specific resource to use. Also known as "oGCD" (off global cooldown) abilities as they can be used when the global cooldown is active. Abilities usually do not consume MP.

Since active actions reflect the commonly known skills, they have some combat properties as follows:

  • Action category: Spell, Weaponskill, or Ability.
  • Casting time: The time it takes to finish executing an action.
  • Recast (cooldown): The time it takes to be able to recast an action, after finished executing it.
  • Range: How far it's allowed to cast an action.
  • Radius: How far an action affects surrounding enemies, or allies.
  • MP Cost: How much MP it costs to use an action.
  • Potency: Base damage.
  • Targets: How many targets a certain action affects, either around the user, around main target, or at target area.
  • Extra effects such as debuffs with their own durations, or special procs.


Main article: Role actions


Traits are passive actions which enhance active skills, and in many cases unlock important mechanics, such as Aetherflow. They are obtained during leveling as well.

Performance Actions


All fight actions related to summoned mount.

Main Commands

This group is where all other actions might be found as they pertain to the character out of combat, general game play, and system configuration. Character, duty, logs, travel, party, social, and system, all have their own set of actions within Main Commands.


Actions in this group include group pose, idling camera, and alarm.


When using a weaponskill (GCD), a yellow graphical effect will display around your character. When using an ability (oGCD), a blue effect will display instead. No common graphical effects appear when using a spell (GCD).