Adventurers' Guild

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When Ala Mhigo fell to the Garlean Empire in 1557, the city-states of Eorzea banded together against this common enemy with an urgency born of alarm. Due to this newfound alliance, fighting between nations died down and many sellswords found themselves without work. An idle man is a dangerous man though, and amidst the disquieting atmosphere one man arose to create a new path for mercenaries. Lodewicus the Leal was the leader of a famed sellsword company. He drew his companions together, and founded an organization where folk could hire a guardian, be it to slay monsters, act as their bodyguard or fight on their behalf. Calling itself the Adventurers' Guild, the group became an outlet for dissatisfied mercenaries, acting as an intermediary, connecting those who joined with the tasks that best suited their skills.

Having outgrown it's beginnings, the guild receives more varied requests from townsfolk, involving gathering and tradecraft as well. Adventurers have aided greatly in the reconstruction efforts after the Calamity.

Notable Members