Miniature Aetheryte

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Miniature Aetheryte

Anywhere that's anywhere in Eorzea has an aetheryte. Your estate is no exception.

※Cannot be retrieved once placed.
※One per estate only.

— In-game description



Vendor Location / Coordinates Section Cost Unlock req.
Flame Quartermaster Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (8.3, 9) Flame Lieutenant / Captain Flame Seals.png 14470 Second Flame Lieutenant
Serpent Quartermaster New Gridania (9.8, 11) Serpent Lieutenant / Captain Serpent Seals.png 14470 Second Serpent Lieutenant
Storm Quartermaster Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (13.2, 12.8) Storm Lieutenant / Captain Storm Seals.png 14470 Second Storm Lieutenant

Used For

  • Allows a player to Teleport1.png  Teleport directly to a house's exterior entrance. The cost is discounted 75% and the minimum price is Gil 25 gil.


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