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Lyse Takes the Lead

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Lyse Takes the Lead

Quest giver
The Fringes (X:9.2, Y:11.4)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario Quests
Experience 100,000
Gil 973
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestBeyond the Great Wall
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Promise of a New Beginning

Main Scenario Progress: 381 / 853 (44.7%)


Stormblood Progress: 2 / 162 (1.2%)


Lyse is eager to leave Castrum Oriens.

— In-game description





  • Lyse is eager to leave Castrum Oriens.


Alisaie: If anyone can determine the fate of Shinryu and Omega, it's Master Garlond. For now, let us remain focused on our current mission.
Y'shtola: Were Omega not a threat to us all, its effectiveness in subduing draconic foes would seem almost admirable. But such weapons are doomed to be misused. Let us pray we never have need of its services again.
Krile: I do hope you're not thinking about running off to help Master Garlond. It is not your duty to solve all of the world's problems, you know!
Alphinaud: The bridge over the Velodyna River has always held great strategic importance, hence the Garleans' decision to transform it into a fortified installation. Needless to say, we will not be crossing there.

Speak with Lyse

Lyse: As you've probably heard, there are plenty of factions in the Resistance, so I'm taking us to see the one with the most influence. Their headquarters are located in a place called Rhalgr's Reach - an old temple, to the east of here, across the Velodyna River. I learned a route that should allow us to avoid imperial patrols. Stick with me and we'll be there before you know it! 
Alisaie: It's so quiet. Almost as though the imperials haven't been here for some time...
Y'shtola: On your guard. The imperials know these lands better than we.
Krile: At the risk of upsetting the cartographic fraternity, I can't help observing that “East End” depends entirely on one's perspective. I mean, people don't even think of it as Gridania anymore, do they?
Alphinaud: They call it East End because it marks the end of the Black Shroud. Note the sparser vegetation.

Follow Lyse

Lyse: Still with me? Good. From here, we'll head northeast towards the river. The water's not too deep, so we won't have to swim.
Alisaie: Heh heh... See, Brother? Nothing to worry about.
Alisaie: ...Though no one would blame you for donning your buoyancy aids, just in case.
Y'shtola: We should not linger out here in the open.
Krile: Y'shtola's right. We need to cross before the imperials spot us.
Alphinaud: At a glance, it certainly seems shallow enough...
Lyse: I don't see any soldiers. Good. Let's cross.
Lyse: You're wondering about the tower to the south?
Lyse: It's part of Castellum Velodyna. That's what the imperials decided to call the old bridge after they fortified it.
Lyse: I call it a great big eyesore. Honestly, you can see that rotten banner from absolutely malms away. <sigh> They never miss a chance to rub our noses in it, do they... Come on, we should keep moving.
Alisaie: Are we there yet?
Y'shtola: Lyse did well. It is...reassuring.
Krile: And we didn't run afoul of even a single patrol! What a pleasant surprise─in that there were no surprises.
Alphinaud: So, the Reach lies beyond? But I do not see a path...
Lyse: We're here. On the other side of this pass is Rhalgr's Reach.
Alphinaud: So you say, but all I see are rocks. I presume there is some sort of trick to this?
Y'shtola: ...Indeed. A glamour.
Lyse: Good eye, Y'shtola!
Alphinaud: I take it they have a talented mage in their ranks─or mayhap an artificer trained in the modification of glamour prisms...?
Lyse: Something like that. The important thing is that it fools the Garleans.
Lyse: Oh, before we go in─I don't know if Tataru told you, but my friend Naago, the messenger who came to the Rising Stones, is a member of this faction.
Lyse: So they know us, and they shouldn't attack us on sight. That said, they can be a bit jumpy, so let me lead the way, and, uh...don't go reaching for your weapons or anything.
Lyse: And with a sprinkle of demasking dust, all is laid bare!
Alphinaud: Seeing it now, I feel rather foolish for not having deduced it earlier.
Lyse: All clear! Let's go, let's go!
Y'shtola: Impressive or no, twenty years is a long time for even so complex a glamour to escape the Empire's notice...
Alisaie: I suppose you could disguise almost anything with a glamour prism, if you really wanted to. Have you ever used one? Why am I asking─of course you haven't.
Krile: Let us pray that they are amenable to our proposal. United, we stand to accomplish so much more...
Alisaie: It's hard to feel at ease with that giant statue looking down on you...
Y'shtola: Fascinating... A massive, nigh-imperceptible glamour encompassing the entire valley... I see now how the settlement was able to escape the watchful eyes of imperial airships.
Krile: Ordinarily, I'd shudder at the thought of armed rebels trampling about in an ancient temple of immense historical importance─but Rhalgr is the breaker of worlds, so it seems rather appropriate, if anything.
Alphinaud: This temple was once home to the Fist of Rhalgr, as I recall. Yes...there is no mistaking that statue.
Lyse: It's good to see Naago up and moving again. I wasn't there when she headed home, so I naturally assumed she'd left too soon. Always overdoing it, that one.
M'naago: A pleasure to see you again─and Krile and Y'shtola, without whose help I might not be standing here today. At least, not so soon.
Meffrid: Ho, so you really came. I never thought I'd see you here, but I'm glad. I'm glad...
Conrad: You'll forgive us our precautions, but we couldn't be sure who had crossed the barrier. We see you now for who you are, though─the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.