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Sound the Bell, School's In

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Sound the Bell, School's In

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Krile and G'raha Tia were having a pleasant conversation until you barged in.

— In-game description




  • Krile and G'raha Tia were having a pleasant conversation until you barged in.
  • Following your late-night feast with the junior Scions, you awake to find Krile and G'raha engaged in idle banter. During your adventures in Thavnair, Scholarch Montichaigne had stopped by the annex for a friendly chat, only to find you absent. Krile invites you to join her in visiting her former schoolmaster, that you may express your gratitude for his kind words in the Rostra.
  • As alumni of the Studium, Alisaie and Alphinaud jump at the chance to accompany you to their old stamping ground, though there is some concern that recent events will cast a pall over what would otherwise be a jubilant return.
  • You meet with Krile and the twins outside the entrance of Phenomenon, which as Alphinaud zealously explains, is the very heart of the Studium. Alisaie also recalls with some chagrin her brother's astonishing achievements and fearsome reputation during his days as a student, until Krile turns the conversation to more immediate matters. She points out that Scholarch Montichaigne is a notoriously difficult man to track down, and the surest way to find him is to question the young scholars in the vicinity.
  • As Alphinaud finds himself mobbed with fervent admirers, you narrow your search to students more amenable to calm conversation. One helpful young man points you in the direction of a “Miss Aliapoh,” a name with a strangely familiar ring to it.
  • Qih Aliapoh, overseer of proceedings at Searchers' Meet, eventually provides you with useful information, but not before a lengthy and unsolicited explanation of the facility, due in no small part to mistaking you for a gleaner. Having spent more than enough time humoring the hopeless helper, you make your way to Makers' Meet, as she advised.
  • You arrive in the laboratory to discover a noticeable lack of scholarchs. Thankfully, a nearby student reveals he had spoken to Montichaigne but a few moments ago, and you follow your latest lead down the corridor.
  • Montichaigne has unwittingly sent you on a merry chase, but any frustration accumulated over the arduous search soon dissolves as he greets you with a warm smile. Lighthearted chatter then gives way to graver matters, and he reveals that an enchantment has been placed upon all Forum members to prevent them from revealing the truth of their great duty. Unable to speak further on the subject, he instead gives an impromptu lecture on the relationship between memories and the soul, and though its relevance is not yet apparent, you take his words to heart nonetheless. Satisfied that he has imparted to you sufficient food for thought, Montichaigne concludes the lesson and bids you farewell.