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As the Heavens Burn

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As the Heavens Burn

As the Heavens Burn.png
Quest giver
Main Hall (X:6.1, Y:6.0)
Quest line
Endwalker Main Scenario Quests
Experience 501,600
Gil 2,350
Previous quest
Thou Must Live, Die, and Know
Next quest
Outside Help

Though you and Krile both have news to share, hers is perhaps the more urgent.

— In-game description




  • Though you and Krile both have news to share, hers is perhaps the more urgent.
  • Much and more has occurred during your sojourn to the First. Krile and Tataru offer a brief summary of the Forum's recent activities─of particular note, the plan to relocate Thavnairian refugees to Garlemald. Having learned of the device within the Tower of Babil, the Forum intends to utilize it to teleport them to the moon. Several of the Scions traveled to Camp Broken Glass to serve as an escort for the refugees, but have fallen out of contact since shortly after their arrival. Krile fears that the Final Days have come to Garlemald, and that your allies have come under attack, and so she urges you to rush to their aid.
  • At Camp Broken Glass, Lucia informs you that while the Forum's airship has apparently landed safely on the Magna Glacies, the skies above Garlemald were set ablaze moments later, signifying the advent of the Final Days in Ilsabard. You race to the ice field to find your comrades and the remnants of the Ist Legion locked in fierce combat with hordes of ravenous beasts.
  • Though you succeed in averting an all-out massacre, your respite is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of none other than Zenos. However, he expresses no desire to pit himself against you this day, and after an exchange of words with Jullus and Alisaie, he departs, unwilling to vie with the Final Days for your attention. Returning to more immediate matters, it is then decided that you will all accompany Fourchenault to Camp Broken Glass, where he is to make a formal introduction to Lucia.
  • Reaching the camp, you take a moment to listen to Alisaie's thoughts on her encounter with Zenos. While her impassioned outburst came entirely in the heat of the moment, she does not regret her choice of words. Nor should she, for if his declarations are to be believed, he cares not a whit what anyone says or thinks─save you.