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This guide on leveling is a guide, that I (HollowGolf and many other users) would or probably recommend to new players to the world of Erozea.

Once your character has been created and watched the introduction and entered the starting city (based on chosen class), set a party of eight players can be same level or any (it's your preference) and quest together and you'll again experience even though you do not manage to get any kills on killing creatures (questing).

Start leveling your character by completing all quests in starting area which also includes the class quest as it unlocks the hunt log which is a log that tells you what creatures to hunt and areas they are located in. Next, begin searching for the hunt logs in the surrounding areas (one at a time) while attempting quests. Make sure story quests (flaming 'Q') are up to date. While questing, make sure gear is also up to date.

Maps are available from this site or google images.

From level 10, start on guildleves as they give experience and gil bonuses on first time completion and can be done by each battle and magic class once unlocked when level 10 class quest from starting class has been completed. This is optional, I suggest that you wait until you have a lot of allowances as you only have a few to start with. also, after you complete the first guildleve, the levemete offers a quest to unlock guildhests which also offer similar bonuses and unlocks every 5 levels. I consider these worth doing.

While spending time questing and searching for hunt logs, another method that has been commented/posted on various sites mentions about fate farming which where you and group goes to a fate after fate and completing for additional experience and gil bonuses in each area.

FATES = Fast Action Time Events

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