Friendship Circlet

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Friendship Circlet
Friendship circlet icon1.png
Class: All Classes
Item Level: 1 Req. Level: 1
Defence: 4 Magic Defence: 9
Sells For: Unsellable Materia Slots: 0

The Friendship Circlet is item level 1 Head Armor and can be used by All Classes that is at least level 1.


  • Increases EXP earned by 20% when level 25 and below.
  • Also increases EXP earned for gathering or crafting classes.
  • Can only be obtained by recruiting another player before they purchase their subscription
  • Unsure if the EXP gain applies to sources other than monster kills
  • Can't be obtained by inviting friend back (since recruitment code can't be entered after subscribing, even if your friends subscription runs out)

Ways to Obtain

Recruit a Friend campaign, when subscribed for 30 days.

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