Rising to the Challenge

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Rising to the Challenge

Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.5, Y:10.9)
Experience 720
Gil 0
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestCall of the Sea
Main Scenario QuestCall of the Sea
Main Scenario QuestCall of the Sea

l'tolwann is ill pleased with the carelessness of the Wench's customers

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:


  • Deliver the well-worn journal to Wastlleid at the Lominsan ferry docks.


  • l'tolwann is ill pleased with the carelessness of the Wench's customers
  • A weighty and well-worn journal has been left behind at the Wench, and I'tolwann would see it returned to its owner─a first-time customer who enjoyed Baderon's ale a bit too much. She informs you that Quentenain, a regular at the Wench, was drinking with the stranger and might know something about his whereabouts.
  • Quentenain recalls the book's owner well, if not fondly─the man in question downed enough ale to sink a small vessel and left his drinking companion to pay for his excess. Despite having no interest in seeing the raucous Roegadyn's possessions returned, he nevertheless suggests that you may find your man at the Lominsan Ferry Docks.
  • You successfully return the journal to its owner, a self-assured adventurer by the name of Wastlleid, who informs you that the impressive tome is a self-penned log of his exploits. In return for your kindness, he affords you a similar, unused book, that you might likewise keep a record of your deeds.


Accepting the Quest

I'tolwann: We all know how it feels to have had one too many—that's why I'll not fault our patrons for much of what goes on at our tables. But is it too much to ask that they keep their belongings on their person when they leave?

I'tolwann: It wouldn't bother me so much if half of them didn't show up a week later, ranting and raving as if their drunken heedlessness were somehow my fault!

I'tolwann: Take this impressive-looking journal right here. As oft used as it seems to be, I've no doubt its owner is tearing up the town searching for his prized possession.

I'tolwann: A stranger, he was—a swarthy Roegadyn who enjoyed his drink. Seemed to be getting on well with one of our regulars, Quentenain. Perhaps you could still catch up with him and spare me the headache. I'd offer you a free drink, but last time I did that Baderon docked my wages.

Speaking to Quentenain

Quentenain: Have I seen who? Look, just 'cause I spend more nights at the Wench than in me own home doesn't mean I'm mates withe very sod who comes stumblin' through the doors.

Quentenain: Wait a minute...that bloody book! Why didn't ye say so sooner!? The tight-arsed bastard drained twenty flagons and promptly passed out, leavin' yers truly to foot the bill.

Quentenain: Said he was headin' for Aleport—aye, where else, the scurvy sop. Nymeia willin', he's still stranded at the ferry docks, though the gods know it won't help me get my gil back.

Speaking to Wastlleid

Wastlleid: If you have business with me, be quick about it. My ferry and my next great adventure await.

Wastlleid:My journal! Why, I thought I had lost it forever! Pardon my rudeness, friend. Perhaps I should have stopped after nineteen flagons. Har har!

Wastlleid: Did you steal a glance at its pages, perchance? No? A shame, that. For this book contains—how might I say it?—a record of my numerous adventures. Quite the inspiring read, if I do say so myself. Which I believe I just did! Har har!

Wastlleid: You've the air of adventurer aobut you, if one still untested. But take heart! Even the most accomplished adventurer—and I speak from personal experience—was once a whelp with more dreams than sense.

Wastlleid: Were there only some way for me to repay your—but of course! I've a fresh journal right here that might as well have your name on it. Why not keep a record of your own, that one day we might regale each other with stories of our deeds?

Wastlleid: And with that, I shall be off, for adventure—and a flagon or twenty of the realm's finest ale—calls me. Fare you well on your journey, and next time you find yourself at the Wench, do thank that Elezen fellow for his generosity. Har har!