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Item Rarity is as follows: ABasicDAetherialBGreenCBlueERelic. Rarity does not indicate anything about an item's power, merely how it is obtained. For gear power, see Item Level.

  • ABasic gear is purchasable from NPC vendors or craftable by the player. Most of the time ABasic gear is also available as a HQ icon.png High Quality variant. Only the HQ icon.png HQ variant will have appropriate stats for the Item Level. Normal quality or NQ gear will have a -10% penalty in stats. The only source of HQ icon.png HQ crafted gear for Gil Gil is from other players via the Market Board. Players will also receive HQ HQ icon.png gear directly as well as via coffers from the Main Scenario QuestMain Scenario Quests and certain Side QuestSide Quests.
  • DAetherial gear used to drop more commonly from dungeons. However, with various quality-of-life adjustments culminating in Patch 5.3, dungeons now very rarely have DAetherial items. The only real source for them now is Treasure Hunting maps and Guildleve bonus chests. All DAetherial gear has random substats, but the main stats are in line with HQ icon.png High Quality ABasic gear. There is no DAetherial gear after level 50. (Diadem-associated Heavensward sets have been removed.)
  • ERelic gear is the various expansions' Relic Weapons which are very grindy and time-consuming to acquire. Relics are never the best-in-slot until the very last patch in an expansion. Relics from previous expansions are primarily intended as cosmetic status symbols.