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As of Patch 2.2[1], players can now assign their retainers ventures, which send retainers out into the field to procure items.

Retainer Ventures img1.png

Retainer Venture Quest Requirement

Players must complete the following quest to gain access to ventures.

Quest Name Required Level and Location
An Ill-conceived Venture (Limsa Lominsa) Level 17
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:9.0 Y:11.2)
NPC: Troubled Adventurer
An Ill-conceived Venture (Gridania) Level 17
New Gridania (X:11.8 Y:12.2)
NPC: Troubled Adventurer
An Ill-conceived Venture (Ul'dah) Level 17
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:9.3 Y:8.7)
NPC: Troubled Adventurer

Once unlocked, the following categories will be added to the retainer interface:

  • Number of remaining ventures
  • View venture report
  • Assign venture
  • View retainer attributes and gear
  • Assign retainer class

Retainer Ventures img2.png

After unlocking retainer ventures, the market board status in the retainer interface will also display venture status.

Assigning Your Retainer a Class

Before your retainers can undertake ventures, you must first assign them a class and equip them with a main arm.
Retainers can be set to any of the following classes, with the assigned class determining the items they can procure:

Retainer Ventures img3.png

Disciples of War or Magic: Gladiator / Pugilist / Marauder / Lancer / Rogue / Archer / Conjurer / Thaumaturge / Arcanist
Disciples of the Land: Miner / Botanist / Fisher

  • Classes your character have not unlocked cannot be assigned to retainers.

A retainer's class can be changed at any time. However, you must reset their current class and level before assigning a new one.

Retainer Gear

Retainers can be equipped with gear befitting their assigned class and level, which will in turn affect items procured on their venture. Items will be procured in increased quantities by increasing either average item level for Disciples of War and Magic, or gathering rating for Disciples of the Land.[2]

Retainer gear can be changed via the retainer's character menu.

Retainer Ventures img4.png

  • Retainer gear cannot be changed when a venture is in progress.

Gear equipped by a retainer will be bound upon completion of a retainer venture. However, bound items can still be exchanged and used by both players and their retainers.

  • Gear durability will not be affected by retainer ventures.
  • Spiritbond rating will not be affected by retainer ventures.

Patch 3.2 Updates

Retainers level thirty or above that have been assigned a class as a Disciple of War or Magic can now be assigned a job.[3]

By assigning your retainer a job, they will be able to equip job specific gear. Before assigning your retainer a job, the following requirements must be met.

Retainers: Achieve level 30 with the associated class.
Players: Achieve level 50 with the desired job.
Assigning your retainer the paladin job:
Retainers: Achieve level 30 with any Disciple of War or Magic.
Players: Achieve level 50 with the desired job.

Types of Retainer Ventures

Retainers may undertake one of several types of ventures. Depending on the type of venture, retainers will be tasked with obtaining a specified item, or left to freely explore the world to obtain items as they see fit.

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The following ventures will task your retainer with procuring a specified item:

Retainer Ventures img6.png

Retainer Ventures img7.png

  • Disciples of War and Magic will procure the same items from ventures, regardless of class.


The following exploration ventures will allow your retainer to freely explore the world, procuring items as they see fit:
Although these ventures require more time to complete, they yield far greater experience, and also allow retainers to procure more obscure items such as Allagan bronze and silver pieces.

Retainer Ventures img8.png

Retainer Ventures img9.png

  • Although retainers will procure items randomly, higher-level retainers may procure items, minions, and crafting materials unique to exploration ventures.

Quick Exploration

Upon reaching level 10, retainers can undertake quick exploration ventures. Retainers assigned to quick exploration will always come back with a single item, which will remain unknown until the venture is completed.

Retainer Ventures img10.png

Patch 5.4 changes[4]
  • New items can be obtained by retainers that have reached maximum level. (e.g. Venture coffer icon1.png  Venture Coffer)
  • Retainers equipped with more powerful gear will receive items in greater quantities, with a greater chance of obtaining HQ icon.png high-quality items.
    • Following this change, the chance to obtain rare items based on gear has been removed.
  • Certain items previously obtainable via retainer ventures have been removed.
  • The amount of experience gained via retainer ventures is fixed depending on the retainer's level.[5]
    • While more costly in Ventures, this will grant much more experience than normal ventures as long as it's claimed frequently enough.

Assigning a Venture

Players can assign a venture to their retainers by selecting Assign Venture from the retainer interface. Assigning a venture requires payment with a unique currency named ventures, which can be acquired through the exchange of company seals, fulfilling leve objectives, or completing beast tribe quests.

  • Fees will not be refunded in the event a venture is canceled.
  • Players can still summon their retainers and place items for sale on the market while a venture is in progress.
  • The status of ventures can be confirmed under Timers in the Duty menu. Selecting Ventures from the Timers interface will display a separate window containing the status of individual retainers.

Completing Ventures

All ventures are completed within a fixed period of time, which is affected by the retainer's level. When completed, your retainer's venture report will be updated in the retainer interface, allowing you to collect the spoils of their venture.

Retainer Ventures img11.png

Retainers will receive experience points upon completion of ventures, increasing their level to the current level cap. The number of available ventures will increase as your retainer advances in level.

  • The status of retainers dispatched to procure items is saved locally to your computer, PlayStation®4, or PlayStation®5, which may result in the display of incorrect information when changing systems. Summoning a retainer once via a summoning bell will update the status of their ventures on that system.


Retainer Ventures are associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Can't someone else do it i icon1.png  Can't Someone Else Do It I 5 Complete 5 retainer ventures. - 2.2
Can't someone else do it ii icon1.png  Can't Someone Else Do It II 5 Complete 50 retainer ventures. - 2.2
Can't someone else do it iii icon1.png  Can't Someone Else Do It III 10 Complete 100 retainer ventures. - 2.2
Nothing ventured, nothing gained icon1.png  Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained 20 Complete 500 retainer ventures. - 2.2


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