An Ill-conceived Venture (Gridania)

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Featurequest.pngNew Gridania Quest

Quest Giver Troubled Adventurer - New Gridania (x11, y12)
Requirements Level 17
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 3640    Gil 418
Venture Icon.png 6
Unlocks Retainer Ventures


Unlocks Retainer Ventures


  • Search Nine Ivies for the missing retainer.
  • Speak with Parnell in Old Gridania.


  • Something weighs heavily on the adventurer's mind...
  • You have been asked to investigate the disappearance of a retainer gone afield on a so-called “venture.” Journey to Nine Ivies in the East Shroud, her last known location.
  • You find and rescue the missing retainer from a grisly death at the hands of wild beasts, thus earning her gratitude. Rather than reward you herself, the retainer bids you return to Gridania and speak with her supervisor, Parnell, in the Shaded Bower.
  • Recognizing that you are unfamiliar with the latest services provided by retainers, Parnell explains that ventures are procurement expeditions which you may ask your retainers to undertake. She then gifts you several ventures, a unique scrip used to pay for these services. Duly informed, you may now speak with your retainers and assign them these tasks at your leisure.

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