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The Three Grand Companies: The Maelstrom (left), the Twin Adder (center) and the Immortal Flames (right)

Frontline challenges are daily challenges found in the Duty Roulette which pit teams of players fighting under the banner of each Grand Company in training exercises that test the strategic planning and combat prowess of each participant.

The Basics

Frontline is a PvP challenge first added in patch 2.3 in which players are randomly assigned to a Grand Company[1] and battle for territorial dominance. Each team consists of 24 players in an Alliance, allowing for 72 total combatants on a single map. Players must not only work hard as individuals, but must also work together as a team in order to prevail. Although players participate in the match with a random Grand Company, achievements tracking PvP progress will count towards the Grand Company the player is currently pledged to.


Frontline is unlocked via Feature QuestLike Civilized Men and Women from your respective Grand Company.


Only one particular map is available on a given day, but the currently active map rotates on daily reset.

The naming scheme for Frontline is technically Map Name (Mode Name), though with retirement of the (Slaughter) mode on The Borderland Ruins there is functionally no distinction anymore. Map/Mode combos are commonly referred to by either separate part by the player base.


Each alliance is divided into three full parties of eight players, and each Frontline match lasts for a maximum of 20 minutes.


If a player is defeated, they will be returned to the landing platform of their Grand Company, and will be allowed to rejoin the fight after 5 seconds. When leaving their landing, players will temporarily receive the Invulnerable buff, preventing any and all damage for a set amount of time, or until moving far enough away from their landing.


Each player is allowed to ride any mount during Frontline campaigns. However, if a player takes a certain amount of damage, they will receive the Limp debuff, drastically slowing their movement.


KDA (Knockout, Defeat, Assist) is the scoring system used in Frontline matches. If a player deals the finishing blow, they receive a Knockout, and 10 points to their Battle High gauge. If they themselves are defeated, they receive a Defeat, and lose half their Battle High Gauge. If they help knock down an opponent, they receive an Assist, and gain 5 points to their Battle High Gauge.

Battle High

Battle High is a status that increases damage dealt and HP restored by healing actions according to a player's knockouts and assists. The maximum rating is 100, and for every increment of 20, the status increases in strength. Being incapacitated will reduce the rating by half.

Status Rating Effect
Battle High I 20 to 39 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 10%.
Battle High II 40 to 59 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 20%.
Battle High III 60 to 79 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 30%.
Battle High IV 80 to 99 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 40%.
Battle High V 100 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 50%.

Each player's Battle High gauge indicates their current rating.


A player's Battle High status is indicated with an icon on their nameplate, which changes according to the rank of their Battle High.



  1. This change was made in Patch 5.18 to eliminate any PvP advantages for being in a specific Grand Company. Patch 5.18 Notes