Rival Wings

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As of Patch 6.1, Rival Wings will be on hiatus until Patch 6.2 for balance adjustments.
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Rival Wings is a large-scale PvP battle involving up to 48 combatants. Participants are divided into two teams, the Falcons and the Ravens, comprised of six light parties each.

It is conceptually similar to a MOBA, where a player must destroy towers in three lanes to advance on an enemy base.



Only one map is available at a time; which one rotates weekly.

  • Astragalos - During an Astragalos campaign, each team attempts to destroy the core located on the opponent's base.
  • Hidden Gorge - During a Hidden Gorge campaign, teams vie for control of supplies delivered by ceruleum engines.


When a match has ended, players will receive PvP PvP EXP, Experience PvE EXP, Wolf Mark Wolf Marks, and Allagan tomestones.


Accumulating PvP PvP EXP raises PvP Rank. Certain ranks will also award players with special achievements.

As with PvP Actions, your PvP rank, and PvP EXP are recognized only by the Grand Company through which you earned them; transferring your allegiance means you will have to start over. However, rest assured they will be reinstated to you upon rejoining your former Grand Company.

  • PvP titles differ depending on your Grand Company.

Wolf Marks

The Wolf Mark Wolf Marks currency earned through fighting in Rival Wings campaigns can be exchanged for gear and other items by speaking with the Maelstrom soldiers stationed at the Wolves' Den.


By both participating in and winning Rival Wings campaigns, players can receive achievements that reward special mounts and titles.