Sightseeing Log 2: The Astalicia

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View from the correct location and weather

Sightseeing Log 2: The Astalicia is part of the Sightseeing Log.


"A flagon or two o' grog havin' filled me 'head with big ideas, I eyed that 'ive o' villainy from the pier in the dead of night, feelin' as if I could cut down One-eyed Hyllfyr 'imself. Woke the next mornin' strung up by me ankles. Aye, was lucky to escape with me life." Such were the buccaneer's words, and I would see as he saw.

Conditions and Requirements

Weather Time
  • 6PM-5AM
  • /Lookout

Tips and Description

Climb to the top of The Astalicia (the ship there), and go east towards the bow (front) of the ship. Climb bowsprit (the pole extending from the front of the ship) and go to the very tip.